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India Oxenberg homeless; her slave master Allison Mack won’t talk to her, Jealous Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman angry India wouldn’t accept her sex advances!

By Frank Parlato

NXIVM slave India Oxenberg is getting the ‘downhill’ treatment.

She has been identified as co -conspirator #2 in the federal criminal complaint against Keith Raniere and is in legal jeopardy.

Her slave master, Allison Mack, identified as co conspirator #2 , was arrested on charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. Mack posted $5 million bail, and was released from jail on condition she speak to no one connected to NXIVM – – including India.

Allison defected from the slave cult she helped build. India has not been arrested yet.

Sources say Clare Bronfman is NOT paying for India’s lawyer.  There has been bad blood between the two women since 2012 when Bronfman wanted India to be her slave. India declined. Bronfman, an aggressive slave master, requires attractive slaves to bed her. She was offended when India did not find that a palatable option.

India became Allison’s slave instead. Now India is without a slave master. Her Grand Master, Keith Raniere, known also as Vanguard, has been denied bail and unable to give orders from his prison cell in Brooklyn.

Bronfman holds the slave cult together. Some think it strange Bronfman is not supporting India. After all how much would it cost to take care of her needs? India works at a vegan cafe for low wages. She is homeless.

India could be a valuable witness.  If she were to testify for the prosecution, she could truthfully tell all she knows and sink Raniere and the entire cult.  On the other hand, if India sides with Raniere, she could lie and testify that everything in the cult was consensual and dispute testimony of alleged victims who claim they were coerced.

India cannot side with Allison, who is scrambling to make a plea deal and will likely testify against Raniere and India too, if need be. [Happily Allison is getting deprogramming and psychiatric help she so sorely needs.]

Clare Bronfman wanted pretty India Oxenberg to be her sex-slave. India demurred. Bronfman got angry. Now India is homeless.  There is a story making the NXIVM rounds: India was asked if she regretted turning down the wealthy Clare Bronfman’s offer to be her sex slave. India is said to have quipped, “Yes I regret it every day, but I’m happy about it every night!”
Pretty India Oxenberg rebuffed Clare Bronfman and chose Allison Mack to be her slave master instead. Now that Allison has defected, India is facing the consequences.

Before she was arrested, Allison paid $10,000 to India’s lawyer, Tom Engel. He is with the law firm, Engel Thornburgh & McCarney LLP.   But $10,000 is not much for criminal defense.

Conversely, Bronfman has likely paid a fortune to her lawyer, Dennis Burke, the former Obama-appointed US Attorney for Arizona, best known for his cover-up in the Fast and Furious drug and gun running scheme of the DOJ and his forced resignation to quell the growing cry for a serious criminal investigation. Burke was rewarded for his illegal efforts and taking the fall for a corrupt DOJ, by being appointed to a top advisory board position with the DOJ – the same agency prosecuting Raniere.  Burke is well wired at the DOJ – at the highest levels, and undoubtedly Bronfman believes she is insulated from prosecution. You don’t arrest Bronfmans in the USA.

Bronfman is also said to be confident – with Burke’s influence – that she can get Raniere freed and prove herself the heroine to Vanguard and assume her proper wifely role, ministering ever after to his every need.

In addition to paying her own high-priced, influence-peddling lawyer, Bronfman probably paid $1 million in retainers for Raniere’s team of lawyers, from lead lawyer Paul DerOhanassian to the law firm of Ben Brafman.

India has no money to pay for a lawyer. And India Oxenberg is not above the law like a Bronfman.  India does not have a home. She was staying with Mack in her apartment at 111 Hicks in Brooklyn Heights. When Allison was arrested, India ran away and stayed at the home of hairdresser, Cedric F. Celik, who runs CC salon AKA Cedric Celik.

Hairdresser Cedric F. Celik, provides the front for the sex-slaver recruiting of NXIVM at his salon at 10 W. 37th Street.

Celik, a loyal supporter of the sex-slaver cult, provides the front for slave recruitment at his salon on 19 W 37th St. in New York.

So let’s recap: Clare retained Dennis Burke, the above the law, DOJ-connected attorney. Raniere’s got a team of five high priced lawyers. Allison’s got two lawyers, reportedly paid $150,000 up front, possibly by Clare and is said to be making a deal.

India works at a vegan restaurant, is homeless, and has a lone attorney paid a mere $10,000.

And shit flows downhill.


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