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Check! Cohen raid is Democrats’ 4th Amendment sacrifice in gambit to unseat Trump

With the FBI raid of President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen’s office and hotel, referred to the Southern District of New York [SDNY] by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for reasons having nothing to do with the Russian interference investigation, reasonable observers could conclude that Mueller’s probe has drifted away from Russian interference in the 2016 election, to any and everything Mueller cares to probe relative to Trump.

The raid on Cohen’s property was in search of the Access Hollywood tape, released in October 2016, as the ultimate October surprise. The 2005 tape features Trump and former Today host, Billy Bush engaging in sexual banter.

Statements by Trump on the tape were characterized by Hillary Clinton and allies as statements indicative of past sexual assault. The frenzy over the tape led various news outlets to speculate, and accuse Trump of confessing to sexual assault, even though Trump’s statements in the tape suggested otherwise, and were plainly his opinion that certain women are likely to consent to the advances of a celebrity such as himself.

According to the New York Times, the SDNY’s warrant also sought evidence relative to whether Cohen attempted to suppress the tape. This could suggest the FBI in the SDNY is looking into campaign finance law violations. Still, this would have nothing to do with Russian interference, without more, and it is doubtful such a nexus will be made.

Problematically, the application for the warrant is that it was rendered upon a referral from Mueller and the SDNY would otherwise not have had occasion to seek that search warrant. This is troubling due to the fact the Russian interference investigation which led to Mueller’s referral to the SDNY was predicated on deliberate falsehoods commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in support of the original FISA surveillance warrant. The FISA warrant began the debacle that brings us to where we are today: Michael Cohen.

Simply put, were it not for the Hillary campaign’s ‘pee dossier,’ we likely would have no Russia interference investigation. If no Russia investigation, no interest in Cohen. Just because evidence may later be found on someone that suggests a crime of some ordinary, domestic variety, that does not cure original, lingering taint that resulted in charges filed against Trump associates and potentially Cohen. If that were the case, the FBI could manufacture an affidavit based on lies to surveil anything and everything in any jurisdiction in the U.S., and, if they serendipitously happen upon some distant crime that “arises directly” from their investigation into their “bum steer,” then the original sin is cured.

Were it against anyone else, the outrage would be deafening. This perverted means into breaching Trump’s attorney-client privilege is disconcerting, as it signals that not even the president may take comfort and security in the knowledge that he may confide in his counsel.

Deputy AG Rosenstein either carelessly or maliciously appointed Mueller with jurisdiction so broad that it was entirely foreseeable that, with the Democrat political angst and propulsion to impeach Trump, Mueller would investigate matters, and initiate investigation of matters, entirely unrelated to Russian interference.

We can expect anything and everything in the future of this “investigation” to be “matters” arising directly, including to cotton candy Trump once ate at a carnival back in 1962. The Democrats, and the Democrat-laden deep state, in its humiliation, and desperation to take out Trump, express no reservation about trampling underfoot the 4th Amendment and its protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. While the poisoned fruits of Mueller’s investigation give them no indigestion, those who do value democracy are sickened.

Congressional Republicans for their part are cowed, when they are not blind ignoramuses, like Rep. Trey Gowdy, “true believer” and boy scout of the prosecutor’s club, who, despite Mueller’s stacked deck of Democrats and accounts of his professional history of heavy-handed (code in legal circles for bullying, often unethical) prosecution, believes he is a person of the greatest integrity, a flawless public servant.

If Democrats win this battle, the 4th Amendment loses the war. Indeed, it has already been severely damaged.


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  • I met Jamie Moses twelve years ago while on vacation in the Phillipines. He solicited my involvement over drinks in a planned evening of “recreation” that to him meant securing opiates and child prostitutes. Dangerous individual.

  • This opinion piece is woefully uninformed or intentionally false. Unfortunately, when something is labeled an opinion, facts can easily be tossed out the window.