Financier of the sex-slaver cult, Clare Bronfman (r), with her legal muscle, Willam F. Savino (l) of Woods Oviatt Gilman.
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Corrupt enablers in law enforcement will be investigated in connection with Nxivm sex-slaver cult

By Bob Boswell

I have followed reports of this closely for months now because, as a young man, I was tangentially involved in a therapy that became a cult, It then very publicly crashed and burned.

While Keith Raniere and his clients-turned-slaves-turned-henchmen are clearly at fault for their nefarious acts, what is equally shocking and despicable is their successful use of local, state and federal authorities as enforcers.

If proven true, the cunning ability to take the Bronfman fortune and apparently find corrupt authorities at every level of our government is chilling.

As the investigations continue ( and they will continue for a long time, unless the Bronfmans have a lot more money) I hope that the government employees, agents and agencies that have perpetrated the criminal proceedings against Frank Parlato and the various whistleblowers are examined microscopically for any signs of corruption.

That truly is the part of this story that should scare us all.   Whether you take affirmative action by getting involved with diseased and wicked scum like these people, or are just unlucky enough to run afoul of them by living next door, no one should be able to buy revenge with the legal system in America.

clare and sara bronfman
Clare and Sara Bronfman were used to destroy people’s lives by using their wealth to corrupt the legal system by Keith Raniere.