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NXIVM INSIDER: Crimes, secrets of Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne and other top members of sex-slaver cult

Editor’s note: The following is a fascinating insight written by an anonymous source  about some of the top leaders of the ruthless NXIVM cult.  It provides an interesting view of the topmost members of NXIVM and should be interesting reading for those who are unfamiliar with Allison Mack’s cohorts in this brutal and vicious cult.


By Someone Who Dealt with Them All

Just so there’s no doubt about ‘who is who’ – and from someone who dealt with all of them and still have the ear of several. Below are a list of their crimes, or, as our society is “innocent until proven guilty” what I am confident are their “alleged crimes” – though I feel for some conviction is inevitable unless they “turn state” – meaning they co-operate with the feds.

Nancy Salzman is known also as Prefect was the titular head of NXIVM. She obeyed not jailed leader, Keith Raniere’s every command.

1] Nancy Salzman is a demon. She hides it, but she’s a horrible sociopath, not unlike Keith Raniere.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, fraud, withholding medical treatment from a person with cancer (not sure the legal term for this), and, possibly, accessory to murder.

Interesting fact: At one point or another she kept close to $8 million in her house. Doesn’t feel bad about what she’s done at all. No conscience. Don’t listen to what anyone says; she’s a monster. I dealt with her daily for years.

Lauren Salzman was one of the top commandos of NXIVM. Raniere promised to impregnate her with his child. She ran day-to-day ops for NXIVM.

2] Lauren Salzman is also a demon. She comes by it naturally like her mother.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion fraud, potentially accessory to rape, extortion; I’d argue sexual assault or assault in general.

Interesting fact: Lauren lied to most of the members of DOS about what the DOS course was and about the branding itself. She’s in a lot of trouble.

Allison Mack became a sex partner for Raniere. He persuaded her to quit her acting career and become a sex-slaver.

3] Allison Mack is a narcissist and disgusting human being.

Crimes: Immigration fraud, tax evasion, assault, sexual assault, rape, extortion, fraud, possibly about 10 other things.

Interesting fact: Allison wasn’t completely sold on NXIVM in her first few days of it.

nicki clyne
Nicki Clyne quite her acting career to become a sex-slaver. She is a slave to Allison Mack to whom she is reportedly married.

4] Nicki Clyne is completely brainwashed and has become a disgusting human being.

Same crimes as Allison for the most part.

Interesting fact: Deep down knows that something is wrong and has talked to people about it. Still brainwashed, but might be able to be turned. Small hope. She knows everything. And could help testify about many crimes. She’s not very smart, but I’m hopeful for her to turn.

India Oxenberg is a slave of Allison Mack. She is being set up to take the fall for Raniere’s crime something she says she will happily do — go to prison for Raniere.

5] India Oxenberg: Is completely brainwashed. Is on the way to losing her conscience but not there yet. Same crimes as Allison.

Interesting fact: She has had more EM’s than almost anyone else and it has messed with her head in horrible ways. Keith especially mindfucked her more than anyone else. She needs a serious intervention fast before it’s too late. She can still turn state.

If this blog is right, she’s also ready to take the fall for everything. It could go either way. I hope her mom and stepfather can reach her. I think Casper Van Dien is oblivious right now but he has her ear.

alex b
Alejandro ‘Alex’ Betancourt is the gay lover of Emiliano Salinas and his business partner. He was told by Raniere that he was Benito Mussolini in his last life and only by obeying Raniere can he avoid the bad ending he had before as El Duce.

6] Alex Betancourt: Narcissist. has no real conscience. Forced out of ESP by Carlos Salinas.

Crimes: immigration fraud, tax evasion, extortion, fraud, uttering death threats, forced confinement, and several others.

Interesting fact: Even though official word is that he’s out, he plans to set up again under a different name.

Emiliano Salinas is married to sexpot actress Ludwika Paleta and continues his gay romance with partner Alex Betancourt. There is no crime he will not commit, not lie he won’t tell for his beloved master Keith Raniere.

7] Emiliano Salinas: I won’t say anything. Carlos is a seriously dangerous guy and I don’t want to get on his bad side. Emiliano is a terrific guy who has done nothing wrong and should completely get away with all the numerous crimes he’s committed. He’s well worthy to be president of Mexico because most Mexican presidents are horribly corrupt and he has my vote.

Clare Bronfman, like her grandfather, is a true hardened criminal with no conscience whatsoever.

8] Clare Bronfman: Queen Demon. The worst of the worst of the worst.

Crimes: you name it. I think there might need to be new legal words invented for some of the shit she’s done.

Interesting Fact: is currently panicked over getting arrested but is staying the course on Keith’s side. She is incredibly stupid. Arguably she’s committed more crimes over the course of ESP than Allison Mack.

Interesting Fact: At one point Clare wanted to get out but Keith brainwashed her back in. If there was a way to turn her against Keith, this would all end fast. There’d be no ESP. Many have tried and failed including me. Probably a lost cause unless stuff comes out in trial that makes her question things about Keith’s honesty. She can still turn on Keith.

Sara Bronfman is less ruthless than her sister. She doesn’t think to ask how her money is being used to destroy other people; she only does what she is told by Raniere.

9] Sara Bronfman: Idiot.

Crimes: Less than Clare. And much more inadvertent. Still stupidity won’t necessarily keep a person out of jail. Crimes: Immigration fraud, fraud, tax evasion.

Interesting Fact: Right now Sara is completely oblivious to how serious this all is. Is taking it all as a big joke.

karen unterreiner
Karen Unterreiner, master pimp and abettor to Raniere’s statutory rape. She is the mastermind of most of the creative accounting for NXIVM done to evade taxes.

10] Karen Unterreiner: Smart but horrible person. Lost any semblance of a conscience but trapped as a 17 year old. Has come to realize this is serious and is starting to consider what to do.

Crimes: Most of them.

Interesting Fact: Might be one of the people to turn state. Is very scared right now especially because of the financial crimes she is likely to be involved with. Think of her as a scared 17 year old who has done some very bad stuff. If she turns state it’s only to save her own ass. Zero conscience left.

11] Other Dos Slaves: Mix of some that want out and nothing to do with this to fully convicted that they believe in Keith. Some are ready or have already turned state. I believe more to follow. This is the tip of the iceberg on this story and when more comes out about the abuse, collateral and sexual proclivities of Keith, it should cause the courts to convict him easily but he won’t make it to trial I don’t think.

Interesting Fact: There are a lot of them teetering. I won’t name the slaves here but many are rattled. If you know one reach out and there’s a good chance you might be able to get them to turn. Most are almost there.

smiley keith
Keith Raniere is a criminal who, when the entire list of crimes he has committed come to light, will go down in history alongside the greatest criminals of the ages. Don’t underestimate this little cross-eyed, nerdy kid from Brooklyn, he’s going make it big time.

12] Keith Raniere: The devil. Every crime imaginable from murder on. He won’t last until his trial. Let’s just say there are some major players in Mexico who will likely make sure of that. And don’t think solitary confinement will stop that. His days are very likely to be numbered and under 365.

Interesting Fact: There are some higher ups in the organization who he pretty much admitted to he was a sociopath. They did nothing. Some in the organization even saw Keith admit to Clare that he had lost her money without good cause and still stayed in the company. Some even committed crimes for Keith (normal everyday people) and stayed in. Brainwashing and lack of ethics is what the course was actually about. He was creating a sociopath army. The higher ups in the company very likely committed some crimes for Keith. It was his way of DOS-ing even men. Some of this would come out in trial as Keith’s way of screwing these people back.

I probably missed many names but these are some of the key players. For some there will be more crimes. The authorities are doing their jobs. You will see more arrests very soon. The only hope for some is to turn State. But I don’t think this will make it to trial anyways because of #12. At least not for Keith. It will go to trial for many of his accomplices. I do hope Keith lives a long life though in a horrible jail. He’s messed with my mind for over 15 years.

This story still has some very interesting twists and turns. Not over by a long shot.

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  • larry Shea all it takes is a little research to find out who wrote behind this article his name is Frank Parlato, I found his name in less five minutes

  • I want to know if the person diagnosing Allison has a psych degree. Narcissist is a very trendy term these days. Does she actually have NPD? If so what type is she.

  • I wonder if Mr. Foxmulder actually knows the identity of “Someone who dealt with them all?” The entire piece seems to be somewhat melodramatic. Why withhold your identity, “Someone?” Are you cooperating with the federal authorities? If you are not, then why not? If you are cooperating with them, then you must be receiving protection from them. Your descriptions could be derived solely by reading the Frank Report. I have my doubts about your being a real inside source. Offer proof!

  • While we all pay our taxes the one who writes this tabloid trash commits fraud, tax evasion and multiple other crimes, The one writing this article isa like the pot calling the kettle black(also he was Keith Raniere buddy, how convenient he leaves that out, makes one wonder if he abused any women)