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Legislature approves funding to add DMV positions, decrease long lines

Despite political opposition from the County Executive, the Erie County Legislature approved County Clerk Mickey Kearns’ proposal to add 11 civil service positions to the local DMV staff by a vote of 10-1.

Once implemented, the proposal will decrease wait times for customers and ease the burden on staff as the demand for DMV services continues to grow across the county. This year, the local auto bureaus are expected to handle approximately 55,000 more transactions than last year, which would increase already long wait times.  The additional staff will also allow the Northtown branch to operate on Saturdays, gaining additional revenue from local car dealers and other customers who can’t make it to the DMV during the week.

“The DMV is one of the only departments that actually generates revenue for Erie County, and this proposal is a worthy investment,” said Minority Leader Joe Lorigo. “By cutting lines, extending hours and improving overall customer service, we have the potential to generate even more business for our local DMV.  I’m happy the Clerk was able to find a recurring revenue stream for these positions.  We will keep close watch on the revenue streams to ensure that these positions help pay for themselves going forward.  As always, we encourage people to renew locally and keep more of their money here in Erie County.”

In 2018, the new positions will be paid for by surplus funds generated by the auto bureau in 2017.

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