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McMurray: Community Center on Grand Island?

Dear Islanders,

We’ve spent the last two years looking for a community center. Why? We need a place for community groups to meet.

Tim Hortons: De Facto Community Center

Since we don’t have a space to gather, you’ll find most civic groups meet at Tim Hortons near the roundabout. At any time of day, you can find people there, discussing literature, activism, and business. I was even asked to run for Supervisor there!

Tim Hortons is a great place, but we need a community space. I’ve been looking at options since I was elected. Here’s a recap of the most popular:

  • Updating the Nike Base (some buildings are okay, but others need substantial work)
  • Repurposing Town Hall (the HVAC desperately needs to be replaced, and it will cost a big chunk of money)
  • A public-private partnership with a developer who owns property near Town Center
  • Putting a fieldhouse at Veterans Park (a huge expense for a small number of users)
  • Using a church facility

A New Option

Now there’s another option: Cannon Design. Cannon is a great community partner and employs many residents. I’ve talked to them, however, and most of their business and recruitment happens in Buffalo. They’re not moving tomorrow, but they are looking into relocating in the future. They promised me that if that happens, they’ll work with us to make sure the building doesn’t become an abandoned eyesore. Cannon Design is a world-class team, and they’re invested in Grand Island.

I took a tour at the current facility, and it’s a great building. Could we work out something to transfer the facility to the Town? Maybe. Does it make sense? I’m not sure, but we have to explore the options.

Highest regards,
Nate McMurray

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