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New Trump Impersonator, recognized by Trump, “I hope you make a lot of money!”

New Hampshire based comedian and podcaster Eric Jackman has been recognized as one of the world’s premier Donald Trump impersonators. Since early 2016 Jackman has traveled across the country and appeared in the largest media markets from Germany, Finland, Ireland and America, just to name a few. Jackman is an Independent with a degree in Political Science who uses humor to challenge the paradigm and entertain the masses. His fascination with Donald Trump began in 2006 when Trump had a well-publicized feud with Rosie O’Donnell. He’s one of the only Trump impersonators to have an endorsement and multiple interactions with President Trump. He was spotted by the President in front of a crowd of 5,000 and congratulated on the impression and was told by Trump: “I hope you make a lot of money!”  (clip here)

The President (l) and Eric Jackman (r)

Jackman’s involvement with politics and the NH Primary goes back to 2003 having met just about everyone who has run for President since the 2004 election. He has the unique ability of being able to appeal to both pro and anti- Trump audiences. About the impression Jackman said: “We are losing the ability to have different views while still getting along and finding common ground. Even families are being torn apart. The powers that be are loving the division and hoping that we as a country aren’t paying attention. One thing I hope to do with the impression is make everyone laugh at the whole state of politics, pay attention to some lesser known issues and maintain the ability to laugh at ourselves and our closely held views we feel are so absolute.” Jackman has performed with legendary comic Lenny Clarke and recently presented him with an award on a late night show in Boston. His impressive resume of media hits, videos and photos can be viewed at

Jackman also co-hosts a podcast with his twin brother Mike called “Jackman Radio.” Since 2015 they have covered pop culture and the news with a satirical twist, adding opinion analysis and their variety of impressions to the show. They have sat down with Governor Jesse Ventura, White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, Jill Stein, Senator Lincoln Chafee and interviewed Senator Ted Cruz (who Jackman also trolled dressed as Trump), Governor Gary Johnson and had an epic political discussion with famed adult film star Ron Jeremy! They recently recorded a new live special called “Into Oblivion” and are working on bringing that show on the road. Their shows can be found on iTunes and at

During the 2016 Election Jackman traveled to Cleveland to be part of the RNC and ran into everyone from Dennis Kucinich to “Info Wars” host Alex Jones(who Jackman also impersonates). Jones enjoyed his impression of him so much he had Jackman do it for a crowd outside the convention hall which can be seen here

After drawing attention from media outlets like VICE, CBS and The Washington Post, Jackman was hired by Fusion TV to be the voice of President Trump for their TV show “The Feed.” The comedic cartoon shorts “Trump TV” starring Jackman have millions of views and can be seen on their social media pages as well.

Looking ahead towards the 2018 midterms and 2020 election you can expect to see Jackman on the campaign trail continuing to dazzle audiences with his outrageous take on the President.