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Sex-slaver Raniere ‘most likely’ won’t be arraigned today – Brooklyn court official says

A court official at US Federal Court in Brooklyn told ARTVOICE that Keith Alan Raniere [AKA 57005-177] will “most likely” not be arraigned today.

The presiding magistrate in his case, Judge Lois Bloom, is on vacation this week, according to an official for the court in the Eastern District of New York .

This does not mean that he won’t be arraigned this week nor does it mean another judge won’t step in to handle the hearing.

The real issue at hand – for Raniere is expected to plead not guilty – is the detention hearing. Raniere is expected to argue through his attorney Paul DerOhannasian that he presents no risk of flight or danger to the community if he is released on bail.

The government is expected to argue that Raniere presents a significant risk to the community and is a flight risk. A substitute magistrate may hear the detention arguments or the court may wait to arraign Raniere and hear arguments for and against bail after Judge Bloom returns next week.

Stay tuned.