Lauren Salzman during happier days when it seemed that Mr. Raniere’s teachings would spread all over the world and she would be his queen. She was cast aside as his leading lady yet she got branded in his name. Her world is unraveling as she finds it difficult to find new slaves for her beloved master and the branding scars may be creating some health difficulties for the woman, now past 40, who had hoped to bear the golden child of Master Raniere. What inscrutable lesson did Master Raniere plan for her to learn from this?
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NXIVM alive and well: Lauren Salzman in Monterrey to teach ‘Human Pain’ course

By Frank Parlato;

For those of you who think that NXIVM is dead and buried: Think again.

Edgar Boone is in Monterrey. So is Dani Padilla. And most importantly, so is Lauren Salzman.

Why is she there? To teach the course on “Human Pain” of course.  That is “Level 2 Human Pain” training – as taught by the High Ranking Lauren Salzman, Green Sash and Director of Education for NXIVM.

It make sense that NXIVM would teach this right now to the people still inside, since it is meant to help students deal with and suppress pain, to endure it and give it a noble meaning so, this is is perfectly awesome brainwashing for a cult whose leader is in jail; whose most popular recruiter [Allison Mack] has been charged with sex trafficking and others – including Lauren herself- are likely to be arrested soon.

Edgar Boone  — the man who pioneered Mexican enrollment of NXIVM some 18 years ago – is in Monterrey, presumably to shore up the Mexican Nxians. He was spotted by a correspondent at the Safi Hotel in San Pedro Garza Garcia [an affluent suburb of Monterrey].  If you are in town stop by and say hello.

dani's horse farm
DOS slave,Dani Padilla is in Monterrey. She recently posted this picture of her “happy place”. Her father owns a farm and this might be a picture of that farm. It is too bad the farm girl left her father’s farm to become a branded slave and to enroll others into slavery. But you know the old song. “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm, [After they’ve seen Raniere?]
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