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Bad day for Cult: Raniere tries to make eye contact with Allison Mack; trial date set for Oct. 1

Courtroom today.

The big news is that there will be more indictments coming.

Allison Mack was there in court.


Keith Raniere entered the courtroom after his chains were removed.

As he sat before the judge with his attorneys, Raniere tried desperately to make eye contact with Allison Mack. He leaned back repeatedly to try to snatch an eye-to-eye look at her.  Mack’s attorneys were in between making it difficult.

When they stood to address the judge, Raniere tried again. Mack absolutely declined to look at him.

Raniere looked red in the face. He looked angry when the prosecutor said there is no amount of bail that would satisfied them.

Two people from Raniere’s cult were in attendance.

The judge said Raniere’s defense team could make a bail package but the judge looked grim when he said “these are very serious charges.” seeming to indicate that Raniere would not be getting bail.

Raniere appeared to have not bathed, and looked horrendous. He was truly beet red in the face. With his brown jumpsuit, red face, and unkempt appearance, he looked nothing like a Vanguard.

During the hearing – wherein it was decided that the trial date was scheduled for October 1, 2018 [a date that is not set in stone] Mack’s defense lawyer asked if Mack had to come all the way from California for every hearing.

The judge said she had to appear.  He said “I am not sure I am comfortable with the fact that she is 2500 miles away.”

Mack came in first and was sitting in the back row.

Raniere came in out of the “rat hole.”

Before he came in, Mack was moved on the other side of the bar.

Raniere’s attorney demanded speedy trial. The judge declined saying that Mack waived speedy trial and Raniere is bound by it since she is a co defendant.

Mack is in plea negotiation but her attorneys said that they are awaiting discovery [of evidence against Mack] before any serious plea negotiations could be settled.

Asst. US Attorney Moira Penza told the judge there will be a superseding indictment and charging more people.

Mack remains under house arrest. Her ankle monitor could not be seen in court. Mack came alone without her mother.

Raniere was mad. And he looked at Toni Natalie who was in the courtroom and he gave her a snarl.

The last time Raniere met Natalie he said, “I will either see you dead or in prison.”

He missed by half.

The next hearing date is June 12 at 11 am.




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