Keith Raniere claims he had only an abundance of love and true giving for the women who followed him.
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Defense: Raniere is innocent; women can brand themselves like men do

: A Brooklyn federal judge set Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s trial date for Oct. 1. The two are charged for their involvement in the alleged sex-trafficking cult NXIVM.

Defense: “(Raniere) believes in his innocence and I’m impressed with his stamina. He has no reason to plead guilty.”

“There are groups of men who brand themselves. When women choose to brand themselves they become victims?” Keith Raniere’s attorneys speaking outside of federal court right now regarding charges.

Attorneys for NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, speaking about the organization being an alleged sex cult: “It’s a slogan, it’s a label that the government is attaching to conduct to make it nefarious. Women joined of their own volition.”

Keith Raniere (L) and Allison Mack (R) have been charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

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