Megan Callahan, left, with young Yogis at Yoga Parkside
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Yoga Parkside embraces broader vision: A peaceful, healthy community

Megan Callahan believes in Yoga’s transformative power.  As an instructor, she has assisted many people in improving their spiritual and physical health through individual practice.  As the founder and director of Yoga Parkside, she wants to see this positive energy writ large across the community.

And her ambitious vision is grounded in strategy.

Yoga Parkside, which Megan opened in 2014 at Parkside Lutheran Church on Wallace Avenue, has flourished and now offers four to five classes every day for individuals as well as families.  “Our vision for a healthy community starts with families.  And we have a broad definition of what a family is which reflects what we see in our community.”

In addition to its general Yoga class offerings, the studio provides prenatal, postpartum, parent/caregiver, and baby Yoga classes.  Megan is also committed to introducing Yoga to children and building that foundation for a life-long Yoga practice.  Classes include Yoga Beginnings for Toddlers, Yoga for the Young Child (ages 4-7), Yoga Adventures (ages 8-12), and Family Yoga.

In order to reach a larger audience, Yoga Parkside is also establishing and building relationships with organizations that are anchors in the North Buffalo community.  One example is the Martin House which is collaborating with Yoga Parkside to continue its Mindful Mondays series (see ad below).  The special event is described as a meditative encounter tour that guides visitors in silence through four Martin House spaces.  The harmonious design elements of the house enhance the meditative experience.

Plans are underway for further community outreach to build Yoga Parkside’s role as an inclusive Yoga hub that serves the diverse community of North Buffalo and beyond.  More information is available at

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