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Source: Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were in my NXIVM class! — ‘Kristin was a doll’

From A Reader:
You don’t know me, but I regularly watch your website for updates
on what’s going on with NXIVM.

I took one of the ESP courses in Vancouver about 2006 or so — unfortunately. It was a total waste of time and money.

Kristin Kreuk was in my course as a helper or coach (It was hosted at her house. She was a total delight to get to know).  Allison Mack was a participant also.

I received (by mistake) her ‘personality handout’ at the end (which was almost as negative as mine!) I believe it was Nancy Salzman who was responsible for that bit
of ‘personality training’ and negative news per person on the final day.Each of us answered a series of questions in front of the entire group for the finale personality reveal – all designed to dehumanize you into someone in need of serious help… and likely sign up for their solution into the next course.

I realized the course made me feel worse than better at the end of it!! …yet STILL
I decided I wanted to see something good from it. (It “had to be good, after all’, with all the successful, beautiful people that attended).

I got manipulated into the coaching program (Pam Cooley did the false presentation
about how great it was and what it entailed. Kristin Kreuk was assigned to be my coach).

After 2 sessions, talking about nothing (realizing it wasn’t a ‘legit’, effective
professional ‘mastermind’ coaching program) I told Pam and Susan, I wanted out of the year long program.

After hours of discussion on the phone, and being told I was unethical, manipulative, etc,  I actually succeeded in getting it cancelled (with a revenge email sent by Pam Cooley,  cc’g the entire organization that I would no longer be a part of their program
and was deleted from their email list LOL!)Her last ‘symbolic fuck you’ (excuse my language) only confirmed what I already
knew about the program, and her false pretense of being so enlightened.

That’s the story of my minimal participation in the NXIVM program, but I have to tell you it breaks my heart to see everything that this organization turned into, most especially
how Allison Mack (and others) went into such a dark, horrible hell as a result (and others as a result of her!).

Most especially, I just wanted to send you a big, huge thank you for representing
the truth, and calling out the program, its so called ‘leader’ and all that it stands

I hope you stay safe, and continue to shed light on the truth regarding this organization.
I’m also glad to see the progress made on the leader’s karmic demise, but heartbroken on how it destroyed so many naive, decent peoples lives.

Warmest regards,

Name Redacted
P.S.  You can use any part of this, just don’t use my name please. Kristin Kreuk was a doll.
Allison, I never ‘connected’ with or spoke much to; I felt uncomfortable in the program
most of the time… like I was back in high school with the who’s who trying to
out do each other.

Kristin Kreuk was totally warm and authentically interested in helping people. I’m sad to see her name pulled through all of this. I hope she speaks up at some point though, but want to note my experience with her was entirely positive.

p.p.s. Don’t let their evil darken your heart, these kinds of things are insidious.

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