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Mad Branding Dr. Roberts video, using NXIVM tech, speaks of “Miraculous healing”!

Anyone who thinks that NXIVM is done, has forgotten to consider that now jailed cult leader, Keith Raniere has trained his minions well. Listen to Dr. Danielle Roberts, the DOS slave of Raniere, who wielded the branding pen, cutting excruciatingly painful scars forming Ranbiere’s and Allison Mack’s initials on the pubic region of slave women who gave their masters blackmail worthy material.

At a seminar, she is one of the “World’s greatest healers” [and one of the world’s greatest branders, I dare say.]  But is this is a physician you can trust, when she tells you about the powers of the mind?

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  • To Frank, you very clearly have shown the truth , I have never followed a case so thoroughly nor am I done digging and my trust is with you. Starting with Toni this excessive litigation is so obviously a crime, all the Bronfman money could have done such good in our world but now all it is is tainted by evil intent, leaving a wake of damaged individuals and their families and friends. I understand that these are damaged women taken advantage of by a man with no conscience who will continue to harm others with or without KR, I also believe he used drugs on some of the harder nuts to crack. And the children, the experiments, the pedophilia, the threats, the deaths, I suspect the government is finally taking a stand (because they knew this was true for many years) money is owed to THEM! In the grand scheme of things I know very little, so if I can see what is the truth here I believe most anyone should be able to. Where were the family members, why didn’t anyone do anything? This has been an obvious cult verified by credible news since at least 2003, CPS did you check out Rainbow, there is so much more , so many organizations that could have protected so many if they had only followed through earlier. I have an illness, like so many others fall between the cracks and it is infuriating to see the amount of money used to destroy men and women at KR s whim and I wanted to thank you for taking him on . You could have walked away ,settled and saved yourself a lot of grief. Please enjoy your victory.

  • Couple of questions for anyone who knows the answers:

    1) Did Dr. Danielle Roberts ever admit to branding the women?
    2) Did Dr. Danielle Roberts obtain informed consent forms?
    3) Is branding a medical procedure that falls under the jurisdiction of the state licensing authorities?

  • Fraternity branding is exceedingly rare and fully voluntary, with many unbranded members as proof, and no blackmail involved. And the location for the brand is up to the student getting branded. All of that is in stark contrast to the DOS branding.

    And fraternity brands takes only seconds!!! Not 20-30 minutes of pure torture. Here’s a video to illustrate how long fraternity branding takes and pay close attention at the 12 second mark because the branding lasts only one second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urwA1fqDGgw

    Also, fraternity branding is not officially condoned by any universities or fraternal organizations.

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