Sara Bronfman at Necker Island.
Sara Bronfman at Necker Island.
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Seagram’s heiress Sara Bronfman Tweets la-la land when Allison Mack & Keith Raniere are arrested, and sister and herself are facing arrest

By Frank Parlato

The mind of Sara Bronfman must be one bizarre place to be. Either that or she is so spiritually enlightened that the exposure of the wicked cult she funded for years, and all the people she helped destroyed with her inherited money seem like an illusory dream of Maya.

Let’s look at some of her tweets.

On March 25, the day Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico, a fact she was sure to hear about immediately since Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Loreta Garza, all close friends, were on hand.

She tweeted about plant biology and an inspiring gymnast, among other silly tweets. nothing on Raniere, however.



So inspiring!! This Gymnast didn’t let a broken back stop her from chasing her dreams.

On the following day, the world found out about Raniere’s arrest when it became worldwide news. Sara  was interested in teacher’s salaries. She tweeted: “We entrust teachers with the world’s most important job: educating our kids. So why don’t we pay them more?”

She also tweeted her opinion: What Children Need Most is Adults That Understand Development!

And quoted Confucius [Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall] Winston Churchill [Eating my words has never given me indigestion] and Aldous Huxley [No social stability without individual stability] But not a word about Raniere.

Her Tweets are exuberant and happy.

On April 20, Allison Mack, her dear friend and fellow slave, was arrested.

I think I can guess who the person referenced in book 3 would be, although I doubt Sara would believe it.
There are many more tweets like this but I think you get the point. Sara Bronfman describes herself as “Working for a safer, more humane world – inside and out.” Now that Raniere is in jail, we are making progress. Once her sister [and Sara herself] are arrested, the world will be safer and more humane indeed.
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