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Paladino: The Republican Senate is a Useless Bunch of RINOs

By Carl Paladino

The current debate is whether we should devote any energy or money to keeping the Republican-controlled Senate?

Over the years most of these spineless, RINO Senators became lazy and cowardly taking their directions from Cuomo and disregarding Republican/Conservative values. They even voted for Cuomo’s budgets where he hid in the small print progressive legislation that would not pass otherwise under public scrutiny. Instead of acting as a real opposition government running a hard bargain with bold strength against the Dems and Cuomo to show their worth and earn respect, they play the Albany two-step and capitulate on just about every significant issue, hiding behind some very creative excuse.

They certainly do not understand or illustrate an ability to be hard-nosed negotiators. Their unqualified and incompetent leadership is clueless on how to cut a good deal.  Warren Anderson and Joe Bruno make John Flanagan look like a choirboy. Most of them were nowhere to be found during the Trump primary and general campaign.  They were listening to Ed Cox tell them to wait for Kasich. They are still waiting.

Republican/Conservative voters upstate and on Long Island are scratching their heads wondering what difference it would make to fight to save the Republican majority.  If the Caucus did its job, the apathetic up-state workingman might be excited to come out and vote.  If they had given any support to statewide Republican/Conservative candidates for the last decade they may command some respect.

They allowed the SAFE Act and made deal after deal with Cuomo to enact his liberal agenda.  Libous, Skelos, DeFrancisco, Ranzenhofer, Gallivan, Young, all of them, what have they done for upstate?  Kathy Young and 5 others sold us out when they elected the drunk RINO Flanagan as their leader after receiving personal phone calls and promises from Cuomo.  What does that tell us about their allegiance and their character and integrity?

Last year we had the opportunity to redo the New York Constitution, but our New York legislators didn’t support a constitutional convention.  They like Albany just the way it is.  Three men in a room and “our guy’ is a useless and pathetic RINO. It’s the Albany cesspool and they want us to help them save their Republican majority.

I say no.  A drunk must hit bottom before he can start rehab.  It would be nice to just get rid of all of them and start over, but 4 boroughs in the City would not go for that.

Our state may be beyond repair.  Too many good people and businesses have already left.  Let the Dems run the state and when the last workingman has left, and there are no businesses left to tax and regulate, Cuomo can turn off the lights.

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