Allison Mack breaks into tears when Keith Raniere [l] says something to her.
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Sex cult trial: Possible conflict for lawyers for Allison Mack, if Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman pays them!

Will Allison take the fall? ‘It’s the ethical thing to do’ –Raniere

By Frank Parlato

For many months, prior to his arrest, NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere urged his slave, former actress Allison Mack, to “do the ethical thing:” Admit the branding and blackmail scheme he named DOS [Dominus Obsequious Sororuim] was her idea.

Raniere even made a rare public statement on the NXIVM website that he had nothing to do with DOS but that it was a sorority of women [headed by Mack.]

Raniere, however, teaches it is ethical to lie to protect the mission. He uses the analogy: “If Nazis came to your home and you were hiding Jews in the basement, it is ethical to lie and tell the Nazis there are no Jews in your basement, and unethical to tell the truth which would lead to the death of the Jews!”

Based on the conditions of her release on $5 million bond, Mack is not permitted to make contact with NXVM members except through attorneys.  This raises a concern over who is paying Mack’s attorneys.

My sources – including one of Mack’s slaves – tell me Clare Bronfman paid the initial retainer for Mack’s attorney – $150,000.  When the prosecution raised the question of who is paying Mack’s attorneys in federal court, during one of Mack’s appearances, her attorneys objected to the prosecution raising the question of the source of Mack’s funds paid to them. That is covered under attorney client privilege.

If Bronfman is paying Mack’s lawyers, however, it presents an interesting issue: Bronfman’s and Mack’s interests may be different.  Mack’s attorneys are supposed to advise Mack on her best interests, then follow their client Mack’s instructions in handling the case. If Bronfman is paying their fees, Bronfman’s desires – however subtly – may influence the direction Mack takes.

Bronfman’s goal is, I believe, to help Keith first and foremost. Bronfman now heads NXIVM. She could be described as interim Vanguard.

It is not known if Allison is secretly communicating with Nazi Nxivm members, including Clare Bronfman, but stealth and secrecy are the hallmarks of DOS sex-slaving. Several sources said Bronfman and Mack are in communication. Whether this is through attorneys or directly is not clear.

If asked, Mack would be ‘ethical’ to lie about it if need be to protect the mission; lying to the court would be ethical if it helped Raniere. That should be taken as a given in every aspects of this case.

Whether Clare Bronfman has influence in the direction this case is going, or if she has Allison’s best interest at heart as she pays for her attorneys [if she is paying for them] are matters which are hard to say conclusively.

Sources tell me Bronfman is also paying for Raniere’s team of lawyers. Her goal is likely to be Raniere’s acquittal since plea deals for Raniere are not likely going to be attractive. Oddly, Mack thanked Raniere’s attorneys at her appearance in court last Friday as she exited the courtroom. It is not clear why she would thank his attorneys.

Keith Raniere said he is working to build a ‘more noble civilization.’ He is now in federal custody.

If Bronfman is paying both Mack and Raniere’s attorneys [and it is certainly going to cost a lot more than an initial retainer of $150,000 to defend Mack at trial] Mack may become dependent on Bronfman’s continued investment in her defense, which may mean she may become dependent on Raniere’s  decisions on the case.

Bronfman’s money, behind the scenes, may have a powerful effect on justice. It is unlikely that Bronfman money will do Allison Mack much good in the long run. She might be wise to reject it now.

But then again, it is hard to recall the last time Allison Mack made a wise decision. All of them seem to be disastrous from the date she joined the cult of Keith Raniere some 12 years ago.


Clare Bronfman (r) with one of her attorneys, William F. Savino (l).



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