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Sources: Allison Mack to refuse plea deal; wants to stand with sex-slave Raniere; cult de-programmer unable to reach brainwashed star

By Frank Parlato

Informed sources tell me that offers of possible plea deals to lure Allison Mack into testifying against Keith Raniere, and sparing herself years in prison if she’s convicted, are falling on deaf ears.

Mack is holding on to her support of her slave master, Raniere, and is said to be prepared to go to trial to prove his innocence. She is a co-defendant with Raniere. Both are charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit forced labor. They both face from 15 years to life in prison.

Mack’s parents, on the other hand, seem to have shifted from eager supporters of her cult involvement to now wanting to see their daughter move [mentally] away from supporting the cult that blackmails and brands women, and possibly avoid spending life in prison.

Allison is said to be reluctantly receiving help –a noted cult de-programmer has been retained by her worried family to try to rescue her from the thralldom of the cult. The results have been nil, sources tell me.

Allison is utterly resistant to the suggestion she was brainwashed.

This news runs counter to earlier reports that Allison was receptive to a plea deal. Her attorneys extended speedy trial deadlines ostensibly to enter into discussions about making a deal and avoiding trial.

To some observers, it appears Allison may have only feigned an interest in making a plea deal to get out of jail, ensuring she did not get undue opposition from DOJ prosecutors during the critical days when her attorneys sought the judge’s approval of a bail package for her. She is currently out on $5 million bond, under home detention and wearing an ankle monitor.

She is, by court order, forbidden to make contact with any member of NXIVM – including her wife – actress Nicki Clyne whom, I believe, she married in order for Clyne to obtain a “green card” and continue to work in the US for the cult. Clyne is Canadian.

Both Mack and Clyne quit successful TV acting careers to follow Raniere.


Alleged sex-slavers Keith Raniere (l) and Allison Mack (r).


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  • India Oxenberg said the same. Are they really that stupid to go to prison for an arsehole? 15 years they will regret and be forgotten and too old for Keith to shag. He only likes 12 year olds I thought! Mack will 50 when she gets released. Old folks home for her not Keiths dick!

  • Care tell about your charges and your relationship with Raniere rather then continuing to smear Mrs.Mack?

  • This is sick and demented…. let her take the stand if she was anyone else they would throw the book at her. Money money money….parenting what went so wrong

    • Look up her net worth it’s only two million, it has nothing to with money which is nothing now days people who win a single state lotto are worth more

  • More speculation. How would you know this? I call bullshit on this ( Informed sources ) please. More like you want more clickbait material

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