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‘Allison Mack was given too much power’ in NXIVM sex slave cult, ‘that’s why leader Raniere got charged!

By Frank Parlato

The suspected financial intervention of Clare Bronfman into Allison Mack’s legal affairs raises a point: If it is true that the two sister-wives, Bronfman and Mack, are working together to save “the mission”, this would be a departure from their longstanding distrust of one another.

For years, Bronfman was extremely jealous of Mack’ closeness to Raniere. She constantly submitted to EM [Exploration of Meaning] therapy from NXIVM EM therapists Lauren Salzman and mother, Nancy Salzman, to help overcome her jealousy issues with Allison and other women whom Raniere seem to want to lavish more physical attention on than Clare.

Mack, in turn, was jealous of many of the younger women but not of Clare Bronfman. Allison knows Raniere would mock Clare Bronfman behind her back, but because she had the money, she would subject Mack and others to ‘Cruella’ Bronfman’s caprice and mercurial viciousness.

For his part, as grand master to the women, Raniere saw value in encouraging competition and distrust between Mack and Bronfman, for it helped keep both disciplined, frightened, and insecure, which lends itself to greater obedience  – a necessary factor for many harems.

If Mack has assured Bronfman she will be faithful to Raniere, Bronfman will undoubtedly assure Mack that her legal bills will be paid.

She may tell Mack that no jury will convict Raniere, if Mack admits it was her idea to brand women and Keith knew nothing about the plan until after it happened. That, at best, Keith was a passive participant. It was Allison, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg and other women who did the actions described by the DOJ as felonies.

Then Mack  – after clearing Raniere – Mack could argue that it was all consensual among the women.

The old guard of NXIVM are united in sympathy for Keith, vilifying Allison for creating DOS. All think it unfair that Raniere is in jail and believe that if anyone should go to prison it should be Allison.

The mood among faithful NXIVM members is that everything was going beautifully until Allison was given too much power.


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Nicki Clyne, Basit Igtet, Allison Mack, Slyvie Lloyd gathered to watch Clare Bronfman [r] compete in a 5k run.

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  • First I want to say I think Mr. Parlato is innocent of the tax charges as everyone who has been charged with income tax charges is as income tax is unconstitutional(if i was on his jury as much as he disgusts me i would have cause either a hung jury or jury nullification).

    As for the fraud charges I would probably vote not guilty because it obvious the federal government is going after anyone that has ties to Raniere, the federal government is committing Prosecutorial misconduct(they are using Intimidation tactics)

    Finally one word about this article comes to mind “hypocrite” Mr. Parlato is always convicting Allison Mack he isn’t giving her the same innocent until proven guilty when she isn’t anymore of criminal then Mr. Parlato.

    The only criminal is Raniere himself, Mrs. Mack is just as much as a victim as the other woman, Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome?

  • So is this Keiths defence? Blame Mack! Lol. Daddy Mack team are both guilty. Surely this woman isn’t going to sit there and let this arsehole pass the buck as they say to her! Both guilty. Lock them both up for being arseholes. However is Allison ever wants a male sex slave let me know lol…

  • LOL at the logic used by these slave girls.

    Mack can’t “clear” Keith by testimony alone.

    Keith’s emails and other evidence (including victim testimony) show that he was instrumental in creating the blackmail system and wasn’t passively involved in anything. In fact, he had near dictatorial powers over DOS. Since when is a dictator only “passively” involved in decision making, LOL?

    He instructed one senior slave (in one email) to recruit/train a junior slave that Keith can use as a “fuck toy” in order to “pleasure him”.

    The jury is gonna see all that.

    Heck, Keith himself accepted (and held onto) Mack’s own personal blackmail material where she pledged ownership of property and custody of her unborn children to keith if she ever disobeyed, along with damaging family allegations she made on video. LOL.

    The jury will see all of that blackmail material which Keith personally accepted.

    I’m sure the slave girls believe that nonsense, though. Kinda funny stuff. 🙂

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