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‘The Fall’– A Podcast and book announcement about NXIVM by Toni Natalie & Chet Hardin

“Season One of The Fall [of NXIVM] podcast will launch Valentine’s Day, 2019, followed by the publication of our book The Fall: Toni Natalie’s Saga to Survive Keith Raniere and NXIVM.”

There is also a Twitter account @thefallofNXIVM

This is Toni on a podcast with Erin Martin from two days ago.

As one commenter wrote, “Toni Natalie lived the pre-history of NXIVM and has been hounded by Raniere’s flying monkeys and lawyers for nearly 20 years. Chet Hardin was one of the first Albany journalists to expose NXIVM. This will be an interesting perspective, different from the Sarah Edmondson TV series (that we’re also looking forward to) and the other media announcements (some of which may just be cashing in on celebrity involvement and salacious scandalous sex slavery and human branding of slender starving brainwashed but gorgeous women- which some say is what the Frank Report does.]

She was once his sweetheart but when she tried to leave him, he tried to force her back. After she left, he spent 20 years hunting her down, trying to destroy her. Through it all Toni Natalie fought Keith Raniere – not because she wanted to, but because she had to – because she wouldn’t back down and surrender.

Her tale will be a gripping one. She was the first, the pioneer, the very first one to stand up against the monster Raniere. Think of this when you think of her. We others who stood and fought against Raniere had others who had come before. There were media reports and other victims to corroborate the true evil that is Keith Raniere – to help offset the waves of flying monkeys and the Bronfman fortune that would be set in motion against us.

But Toni Natalie had none of this. She in the beginning was all alone. Her against Raniere and clever Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman millions. Her alone. And she held the fight by herself. She was the sole voice at first that appeared in articles and fought him in court. Her against millions and no media exposing him – until she did it – first with the Forbes article in 2003.

She gained allies; she found helpers but for twenty years of her life she tried to shed herself of the monster. Her mother and father and brother went to their graves with her still fighting him. If the monster is in a cage – where he belongs – remember he terrorized Toni Natalie for 20 years and she did not surrender.

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