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Part 3: Secret tape: Zarattini finds out about DOS; and Keith’s sleeping with students


When Toni Zarattini [above] learned about DOS and its deceptive methods of getting “collateral,” he was outraged. Allegedly he tried to warn women in Monterrey. This damaging and embarrassing material is held to ensure the obedience and silence of DOS women. Collateral is collected through a series of deceptive inducements, initially in exchange for higher level teachings. It gradually morphs into blackmail. For Mr. Zarattini’s pains at bringing out this dangerous truth, Keith ordered Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt to fabricate a story about him trying to extort ESP and make an example of what happens to people who speak up against Mr. Raniere.

Part 3: Secret tape: Zarattini finds out about DOS; and Keith’s sleeping with students

Part 2 of the secretly recorded phone conversation in August 2017 between Toni Zarattini and Emiliano Salinas.

Toni Zarattini [TZ] Then I asked Omar [Boone, head of Monterrey] ‘I want you to tell me if it’s true, that Keith has sex with his students.’ Not because I’m shocked that someone can have a lot of sex, man, not because of this, that for me is no problem, but for me, there is a problem because I have an idea of ??Keith and I have kept that idea and I have kept what everyone has told me about him [Raniere] and even he introduced himself to me as someone who has all these values ??of compassion and humanity and it is like the clear example we have, and I’m sorry, but I honestly cannot see, or conceive how a person with the authority [of the teacher] that he represents in an organization of these things that you and I know may look good, and that student can date the guru [Raniere]. 

I mean, shut up. I cannot conceive that as something good and then if it is something that has been kept secret, then neither. Because they could have said from the beginning, ‘Look Keith is a super normal human being who does all this kind of things [having sex with students] and thinks that these are good ideas, but, dude, we think he is an integrated human being, he is a unified person that would never attempt anything that would not help the other person.’ So, sorry, I’m going to stay in my process, because I’m telling you about my process.

Then at that point, Omar told me, “No, Toni, check it out. Check the consistency, check out the history that you have of him [Raniere]. This does not happen. I could put my hands in the fire pit for him.”

Ok, man, it’s good. I said, [Still] it’s so stupid. The woman thing [DOS] because if it’s [already] hard to enroll [now]. The day this comes out to the light, dude, that this women’s group does this type of practice here, we will see who we will be able to enroll; when it comes to light that there is a group of women-’ and he [Omar] told me it is not a group of ESP, it’s a [separate] group of women.

[I told him] ‘I don’t give a damn. If Allison Mack is the one in the head and then you have to enlist 6 women and each woman has to enlist 6 slaves; they call them slaves, they brand themselves. What the fuck by holy shit, dude.’At that point then Jimena and Omar said, ‘These are of your fears. These are your issues; you have to work all this.’

Dude, [I told Omar and Jimena] Marial already wants to leave [NXIVM]. She wants to take my children out of Rainbow [Cultural Garden].’ I was between scared and sad and fuck, now, what I’m going to do? I really believed in this [NXIVM], or I believe in this. I want to believe in this.

A conflict started in me and I said [to Omar and Jimena], ‘Good, maybe I can calm down and maybe I can swallow the concept of a group of [slave] women, but Marial won’t, dude. Then what shall I do with Marial?” and they said, ‘well these are your issues work with them.’

So there you go out to buy and pay for EMs [Exploration of Meaning, a costly NXIVM therapy] with Lauren [Salzman], with Carmen and so on for 3 more weeks and, at the same time, my sister-in-law was in the [Vanguard, unaccredited] University, with [everyone having] questions every day like ‘do you know who left,’ and ‘there is a rumor that there is a group of women who were branded’ and ‘Keith this, and that,’ and people [attending the Vanguard University] talking about it all day long and there I was trying to put out the fire with my sister-in-law. I kept telling her not to worry. Nothing is happening. Those are pure rumors, and so, dude, I knew I had already spoken with Sarah Edmondson, knowing that some of these things were true and that Omar already had confirmed this to me, and, on the other hand, people kept saying, ‘Do not say anything. Don’t speak anything. Don’t mention the subject.’

This ‘don’t say’ and ‘do not speak’ began to make a lot of noise in my head – to the point that one day, not long ago, my sister-in-law tells me, ‘Guess what? Vasco [NXIVM coach] has already left, because of the things that you are telling me are not true. He inquired, did an investigation.’

So I told her, ‘Let’s see. I want to talk with Vasco.’

I spoke to him and he confirmed what my sister-in-law said to me: that he spoke with many people and I told him, ‘Hey, I want to talk to people. I want to know from their own mouth. I want to begin to understand what this is about.’ I said all this to him and then I asked him if they are willing to talk to me. He made a list of people who were willing to talk to me and they started telling me their story about how some were in the group of [DOS] women and others had [sexual] relationships [with Raniere] for years with him and one of them just left. I met her in Jness and she just left because she could not deal with that [harem]situation and well, at that moment, well, dude, what do I have left, Emiliano?  I cannot continue in this, man.

Then, at the same time, Roberto Cárdenas [a NXIVM coach from Leon] calls me and says, ‘Hey Tony, why did you cancel the Intro [NXIVM course] today and I told him that my dad got sick, and he said, ‘No, I don’t think your dad got sick. I think you have something else, dude, and I need you to tell me because I’m restless and because there are many doubts. Students are asking me a lot of things. I do not know what to say. Nobody says anything to me. I asked Adriana. Nobody says anything. I asked Jack. Nobody says anything. I asked David. Nobody says anything.

I told him to ‘come here, man sit down’ [and meet], and I told Roberto Cárdenas, ‘I just found out about this. It makes me fucking mad dude. They have already shut my mouth a lot.’  I started like that so I started talking like that.

He told me, ‘No fucking way. Marce is also very angry, can you talk to her too?’ And I said, ‘of course I can. Why not? I am seeing, I am realizing that this [DOS] exists and has too much inconsistency for me, and it’s outside of ESP and has nothing to do with what I have seen in these past 12 years, but, man, shit with this, this has too much inconsistency. The people are scared. They are hurt. I do not think they invented {the stories about DOS] They are not inventing it, because some live in one part of the United States and others live on the other side. Some have just left, man. It can’t be dude. It cannot be lots of people agree to tell lies and are far apart in age differences and time differences.’

You know what I said, ‘I think I’m going to get out of this, and everyone can search for their information and make their decision man.’

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