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NXIVM: Sex-cult leader Raniere kept students in debt for classes; then made them work at low wages

By Frank Parlato

In case you’re interested, NXIVM is looking for new students. The NXIVM courses, also known as Executive Success Programs, are secret and students sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from revealing the lessons they learn.

NXIVM offers intensives for five to 16 days. For those who do not have the $2,500-10,000 to take the course, NXIVM will barter by allowing a student to work for NXIVM or Clare Bronfman [the present leader of the cult, while leader Keith Raniere is in jail] at minimum wages or somewhat lower.

By the time a student works off one course, they should be ready to take the next one.

In this way, NXIVM/Bronfman employ people to work without having to bother reporting wages or pay payroll taxes or report income from Intensives to the IRS.

People who work for NXIVM/Clare Bronfman do not have the burden of costly health insurance either. Employees of NXIVM are usually required to attend all the classes [called intensives.] People take classes because they are afraid of being fired, or labeled a suppressive by the group, so they take more classes.

It’s a vicious Raniere-cycle: The more someone goes in debt, the more the company gets her to work under market value and the less opportunity she has to earn money in the outside world and escape the recurring debt/classes/work for NXIVM.

Many have said the actual classes taught in the intensives have the earmarks of classic brainwashing techniques. Most people who take them become stupendous failures unable to think rationally or clearly. It is a fine joke on humanity that Raniere calls his teachings “Rational Inquiry.”

Sources say employees rarely get 1099’s if they ever earn money over and above the cost of classes. Even women Raniere chose to make part of his harem are often manipulated into debt by his assistant Nancy Salzman or Clare Bronfman.

And they say Raniere isn’t a genius?

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