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Donald Trump’s Dirty Underworld

By Larry Shea     

When Don Trump chose to use the cheaper building material of ready-mix concrete instead of structural steel, for the erection of his Trump Tower, he knowingly put himself at the mercy of a lucrative Mafia cartel. As a result, the Don had no choice but to deal with the four New York Mafia crime families that controlled all contracts on the delivery of concrete that were worth more than $2 million. Don Trump reportedly shelled out $22 million on the concrete used to build Trump Tower. Mob racketeers also controlled all of trade unions that were essential to the fabrication of the concrete for the tower. The Don’s mentor, the notorious and “reprehensible” mob lawyer, Roy Cohn, was the fixer who kept things running smoothly for Trump. Cohn even arranged for a meeting, at his law office, for Trump and the Genovese crime family head, “Fat Tony” Salerno, who was the boss of the concrete cartel. An insurance executive, closely involved with the construction of Trump Tower, quipped that, “A lot of the time it cost money under the table.”

Take the Don’s longtime friend and business associate, Joey “No Socks” Cinque. In an article, entitled the Preppy Don (April 17, 1995, issue of New York magazine), Joey “No Socks” is described as “a small-time mobster, a scam artist, and an art fence,” who “used to be friends with” the infamous, NYC Gambino family crime boss, John Gotti. The NYPD had to use a battering ram to serve a search warrant on Joey, because he wouldn’t open the front door for them. Mr. Cinque has a felony conviction for the possession of stolen artwork. A “confidential source,” told the NYC District Attorney’s office, that “No Socks” was “dealing drugs out of his apartment and fencing stolen artwork.” Some ladies claimed that Joey Cinque was exchanging cocaine for “time” with them.

But these days “No Socks” has gone strictly legit’, if you can call dishing out meaningless gold-plated plaques to hotels and restaurants for exorbitant fees legitimate.  In a 2009 tribute video to “No Socks”, The Don stated that, “There’s nobody like him. He’s a special guy.” So, why would Donald Trump tell the Associated Press (on May 20. 2016) that, “he doesn’t know Cinque very well and was unaware of his criminal conviction?” In 2013, “No Socks” traveled all the way to Scotland to honor the Don’s golf course with a bogus six diamonds award for being “The best golf course in the world.” You can see the photo and read the story on the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences own website. (Chicago Tribune, May 20, 2016). In fact, as recently as May of 2015, Don Trump was listed as “ambassador Extraordinaire” for The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, of which Mr. “No Socks” is the CEO and president. In fact, “At one point, Trump’s two adult sons; the chief operating officer of the Trump Organization, Matthew Calamari; and Trump’s longtime butler, Anthony Senecal, all served as trustees simultaneously” for the academy, which an AAA spokesman blandly describes as “primarily a marketing program.”


Lift another rock and you will find the convicted drug trafficker Joseph Weichselbaum. This Joey was Don Trump’s main helicopter guy, who managed a service that flew high rollers to and from the Don’s Trump Plaza and Trump Castle casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Reliable witnesses have claimed that in the 1980s cocaine flowed during wild parties at both of Trump’s Atlantic City casinos. According to one senior law enforcement official there was a “large-scale investigation of the distribution of drugs in some Atlantic City casinos (Spy magazine June, 1991: Pal Joey, Business). Joey Weichselbaum was the general manager for the helicopter service, Damin Aviation, which had a history of bankruptcies and re-organizations and was controlled by a consortium of sharp businessmen that included Joey “W’s” brother Frank and two of Frank’s in-laws

Wouldn’t you know, the Don’s pal, Joey “W”, was convicted by the feds, in 1987, for smuggling large amounts of cocaine and marijuana (1,500 lb.), which he had obtained from Colombian traffickers. According to the indictment, Colombian couriers would deliver the drugs to Joey “W’s” used car dealership, Bradford Motors, in Miami, which was essentially a front for drug trafficking. There, the drugs would either be sold on the spot or delivered to customers in courier driven vehicles (David Cay Johnston, The Making of Donald Trump: Ch.8, “Showing Mercy.”).  As far as pal Joey’s mob connections go, a Florida police detective stated, “I was convinced they were pretty big.”  Joey “W”, who had already been found guilty of grand theft auto in 1965 and of embezzlement in 1979, now faced a twenty-year stretch in federal prison. Don Trump wrote a character reference to the sitting federal judge, after his sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, had to recuse herself from Joey’s case.  The Don characterized this “victim” of the war on drugs as, “a credit to the community” and as “conscientious, forthright, diligent, and a pretty nice guy.”

So, did Don Trump finance any of his pal Joey “W’s” drug trafficking and/or launder any of his pal’s drug dollars through either or both his Jersey casinos? Was there a criminal partnership? In 2015, Trump’s “Taj Mahal casino was fined $10 million – the highest penalty ever leveled by the feds against a casino –  and admitted to having ‘willfully violated’ anti-money laundering regulations for years.’” (“Trump’s Russian Laundromat”, Craig Unger; The New Republic -online).

“A review of the public records reveals a clear and disturbing pattern: Trump owes much of his business success, and by extension his presidency, to a flow of highly suspicious money from Russia… at least 13 people with known or alleged links to Russian mobsters or oligarchs have owned, lived in, and even run criminal activities from Trump Tower and other Trump properties. Many used his casinos and apartments to launder untold millions in dirty money.” (ibid.). As a former federal investigator quipped: “They saved his bacon!”


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  • Larry,
    You know in looking at you and everyone else’s life, other people could connect the dots of our actions and claim that we’ve done some questionable things by association. Do I think our President has made some questionable decisions in his life? Sure, but then so have I and in the decisions that I personally made in my past I will tell you that I now sometimes look back on them wishing I would have made some different choices, but that’s in the past and it does no good for me to ponder “what if’s”.
    As I do not know our President personally, I do have friends that I trust that do and I take what they have told me over the years to heart.
    One of my friends is a retired police officer from New York who served on several of Trumps security details thru the years amongst other celebrities and Presidents. He told me that after every event he served for Donald Trump that afterwards he would go out of his way to shake the hand and thank all the officers for their service and support. On the flip side he also told me a story about then President Bill Clinton who was leaving an event and thanking the officers’ hands, when his wife Hillary yelled from their car and I quote him as telling me she screamed “Hurry up Bill, we don’t have time for that shit!” Sort of tells you the type of people those two are.
    As much and I personally enjoyed your article being that it was something other than Stormy Daniels crap, I honestly don’t give a rats ass about what happened in the past and as a reader I felt I should share my opinion with you. My friends think Donald Trump has a big heart, is a reactionist and just one of the guys. Do I think he’s trying to do what he feels is right to better our country? I do!
    I’d also like to say that we as Americans should want Trump and every president in the future of our great county to succeed. Their success is our success. When the media continues to pour their hate out about our President they don’t realize that their hate speech is spreading like a disease to not only being about the President, but to our fellow neighbors as well. Our youth for example are being mostly affected by these actions of our media. School shootings, violent marches against conservatives, and on and on… If we would focus and be positive in this world our lives would reflect that. Shit’s always gonna happen. The world is an evil place and very few people are dealt a Royal flush when they are born. Dwelling on that negativity only pulls you farther down the rabbit hole. But then again… That shit is what pays the bills unfortunately.
    Here’s an idea for an article if you’re interested. The world population is that of 7.2 billion people and growing. The population of the United States is 325 millionish. What do you think would happen if 5-10% of the worlds population decided that they wanted to move to the United States because of the benefits we give immigrants coming into this country currently? They would all need jobs, housing and food right? and that’s during a time when computers and technology are replacing the everyday worker. Don’t have to talk to anyone when placing my order at McDonalds anymore, I can just touch a screen. What will happen when all those jobs from fast food restaurants are gone? How many jobs in the United States will be affected in just the fast food restaurant world? When I can walk into a grocery store and just pick up what I want and walk out because the camera AI system knows what to bill me. How many jobs will be lost over the next 10 years because of AI computer systems and what will happen when only Amazon is left? If we continue to let people into this country our lives as we know it today will change drastically for our children. China has a limit on how many kids a couple can have legally to control their population. I’ve been to China, there are empty cities that have been built and sit abandoned because the government needed to supply its people with work, so they could pay for food. The lifestyle in China in the factory cities is terrible. How do you think it would go over in the United States if they mandated couples could only have one child, but then again I suppose they already have something in place with the support of transgenders and gays, in hoping that those individual lifestyles will reduce reproduction. Honestly, I don’t care; to each his own and I have gay friends. It doesn’t bother me, but we should look at why there is such support for their movement today and I’m only saying that because it was never a thing 20 years ago. Granted all these things play into the long-term effect of what could happen to this country in the years ahead, but if you do your research and realize what kind of country we might be leaving for our kids it might make you want to focus on tomorrow and not what happened yesterday. In regard to all of this, it is why I completely agree with President Trump on closing our borders.
    Anyways, just thought I’d share the idea, because I don’t see that anyone really wants to talk about our future as we continue to take in all these illegals. Everyone just wants to focus on the past.
    Be well

    • Anthony, google has this article hidden deep, deep where no one could ever read it but more importantly you response. I find your response more enlightened than the article itself. You are so correct that all A,Erica should should want one thing, a better future for our children and grandchildren. I’m going to try and post this if I can. Thank you again for you intelligent response.

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