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India Oxenberg’s lawyer reportedly seeking media for India to tell her story & possibly incriminate herself

California civil trial attorney Carla DiMare is reportedly shopping around for a platform for her client, India Oxenberg, to come out and tell the world about how she is not in a cult.

Presumably India – who will be eagerly sought by all major network news outlets – for she will be a ratings boom –  will tell the world how she volunteered to be in DOS and Keith had nothing to do with it.

If Carla – knowing India is a criminal target of the DOJ, Eastern District of NY – allows her to go on camera and potentially take responsibility for federal crimes – Carla ought to be disbarred.

But maybe Carla knows what she is doing, getting India out to tell her tale to the world – of how her mother Catherine is not a good mother, of how bad, bad Catherine told the world how India is branded on her pubic region with Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials, how India’s hair was falling out because of the insane low calorie diet Raniere put her on, about how her menstrual cycle got warped and how then-25 year old India had the uterus of a 50 year old woman.

[In so doing Catherine helped get a a lot of smarter young ladies out of the cult – she was a warning voice and save numerous women from a life that India is now experiencing.]But, Carla she is a sharp lawyer. She has a private practice in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, and handles “business disputes, personal injury, wrongful death, civil rights violations, employment disputes, the Espionage Act, defamation, whistle blower claims, elder abuse, cult abuse, sexual assault, trade name infringement, police misconduct (defense only), and more.”

She has written articles for the Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Daily Journal and, according to at least once source, she has written threatening letters to people connected to India who are not happy she is in a cult.

India Oxenberg- a seven year student of Keith Raniere’s Executive Success Programs – blew through her $120,000—trust fund and went more than $100,000 into debt with cult leader Keith Raniere. She now works at a Vegan Restaurant in NYC and is broke – and seeking to borrow money from family members. The gullible and brainwashed girl is also a target of a federal criminal investigation into sex trafficking and other crimes. Viva Executive Success!
Carla DiMare – is the lawyer to whom India refers media requests. Carla has reportedly been contacting networks to arrange for India to come on air and tell her story. In so doing, she may confess to crimes before 20 million people. It will be a ratings blockbuster and Carla will probably appear with her. The feds will be watching every minute of it and, who knows, India – in trying to exonerate her slave masters Allison Mack and Keith Raniere may just make the confessions the feds need to add extra charges to her probable inevitable indictment. One questions looms about Carla: Who is paying her legal fees? India is broke. Could it be Clare bronfman? And if so, does Clare Bronfman have India’s best interests in mind? 

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