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Dorothy Slikker Hopes to Teach and Inspire More Aspiring Artists with Her Latest Book

“Let’s Paint with the Master Artist” is a delightful and detailed guide to the Master Artist’s best practices in painting beautiful pieces of art that she has learned throughout her career.

Pahrump, Nevada, May 21, 2018 – For years, Dorothy Slikker has loved teaching artists, like her, as much as her love for painting. Being the Master Artist, her talent in painting a beautiful picture on a blank canvas is one of the best, and she has received a lot of recognition for it. It’s no wonder how many aspiring artists would love to learn from her. With her latest book, she hopes to teach and inspire more artists in their craft one page at a time.

“Let’s Paint with the Master Artist” aims to inspire determined artists of all ages. With each turn of the page, the author shares a helpful guide filled with tips and lessons for different practices in painting. From paint mixing techniques to intricate guide to landscapes, artists will surely get the best insights from the author.

Gain tips and learn the best practices from Dorothy Slikker. This book is filled with lessons about painting from basic to advanced techniques. Copies of “Let’s Paint with the Master Artist” may be purchased through Amazon (

Let’s Paint with the Master Artist
Written by: Dorothy Slikker
Published by: ReadersMagnet LLC
Published date: May 3, 2018
Paperback price: $11.11

About the Author
Dorothy Slikker was born on December 1, 1940 and grew up in Shafter, CA. She started her art studies in 1976 and have been painting ever since. Gaining the prominence of becoming an art teacher of the Robert Method of Art, she gained the status of becoming the Top 60 International Contemporary and among the Top 100 of the World Wide Contemporary Masters shown around the world. This story is about her life and how she has reached to the status of where she is now in the art world.


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