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Mexico: Yuriria Sierra, Emiliano & Carlos Salinas and possible presidential election ‘theft’

Yuriria Sierra, Leon Krauze, Emiliano Salinas and the electoral trade
According to the Mexican publication Polemon,  and writer, Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera,”Mexican democracy could be in danger.”
“The specter of fraud appears on the eve of the presidential elections in Mexico.”

Manipulation of polls, dirty campaigning, attempts to influence voters by a powerful group of businessmen connected to Carlos Salinas de Gortari have been observed.

The closeness of Carlos to Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, “El Bronco”, who managed to get on the ballot and at best – with polls showing him at about 3 percent – a spoiler.

Carlos’ supposed meetings with heads of the establishment, as well as his murderous past, suggest he might take the election “in cold blood,” against the will of the people.

Jaime Rodríguez Calderón “El Bronco”.

On April 15, in Proceso magazine article, “Electoral Stalinism ,” by John Ackerman, refers to the possibility that Carlos Salinas de Gortari will “kidnap the presidential election” held July 1.

The second presidential debate was curious. Journalists Yuriria Sierra and León Krauze were moderators and it took place in the gymnasium of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC)  in Tijuana.

The selection of the moderators and the locale caused some to see this as an attempt by Salinas and his “power mafia” to create an unfair playing field for Obrador or worse. But it went off without incident.

Yuriria Sierra and León Krauze, the two moderators of the presidential debate. 

Leon Krauze suggested possible Russian intervention in favor of Obrador with the goal of attacking the United States destabilizing the relationship of this country with Mexico.

The other moderator, Yuriria Sierra, has a direct connection to Salinas and possibly the sex slaver cult of NXIVM which Carlos Salinas’ son Emiliano Salinas Occelli has long been involved in. Linking to Frank Report, Polemon points out that Yuriria Sierra has been linked with NXIVM.

Yuriria Sierra – is she a useful idiot for Carlos Salinas?.

Emiliano Salinas was a member of the NXIVM board [and Vice President, in charge of ethics] until shortly after Keith Raniere, leader and founder of NXIVM, was arrested in March in Puerto Vallarta, where he was hiding, after having spent time in Monterrey, Nuevo León .

Raniere was deported to the United States and awaits trial, currently scheduled for October 1, for human trafficking and forced labor conspiracy.

Emiliano Salinas, Ludwika Paleta and Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Emiliano Salinas Occelli  was one of the main recruiters of NXIVM. Thousands of people, including sons and daughters of politicians and members of the business elite in Mexico joined. Among NXIVM Mexican clients are influential businessmen, children of former presidents, relatives of secretaries of state, prominent politicians and other key figures in public life in Mexico. Even Julián LeBarón and Javier Sicilia’s “Movement for Peace, Justice and Dignity” have been linked to NXIVM.

NXIVM has become a factor in the election because of Raniere’s closeness to Emiliano – who at one point referred to Raniere as his mentor and as a heroic man- and the level of penetration this company has among elite Mexican women.

There have been articles suggesting the influence on the political life of the country and the selection of its leaders.

Emiliano Salinas with Raniere.

If nothing else, the closeness of Carlos Salinas and son, Emiliano, with Sierra, one of the moderators of the second debate, is suspicious.

Sierra is the Mexican journalists who has had the most access to the ex-president and his family in recent years. Sierra reportedly was the only journalist invited to Emiliano’s wedding [Ludwika Paleta.]

In addition, there is evidence that suggests Raniere, and Emiliano Salinas, tried to lure four NXIVM ‘enemies’ of Raniere’s to Mexico to be imprisoned.  The four women were invited purportedly by Sierra who claimed she wanted to interview them about NXIVM at an anti cult conference.

Kristin Keeffe, Raniere’s legal liaison alleged Raniere and Salinas arranged to bribe a Mexican judge to order indictments of the women. Once they arrived in Mexico they would have been arrested and placed in a Mexican jail.

Keeffe said Raniere told her he expected the women would be raped and one, his ex-girlfriend, Toni Natalie, would crack under the pressure of incarceration and rape.

The entire Mexican plot allegation sounds fantastic, except for the fact that the women received emails in the name of Sierra inviting them to Mexico.

Did Sierrra send invitations to these women?  Or did Raniere/Salinas make a phony email account in her name?


The second presidential debate, where Sierra is moderator, will take place in Tijuana, Baja California, the city where presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta was assassinated. For Carlos Salinas – assassination and electoral fraud go hand in hand.

Impunity, assassination and political crisis reigned when Carlos Salinas de Gortari was president.

Meantime, Raniere is in prison, awaiting trial. Emiliano Salinas decided to leave  NXIVM after 15 years.  Emiliano himself is likely under investigation in the USA.  While he  is above the law in Mexico, it is unclear whether Salinas is above the law in the US. Recently, NXIVM/ESP-Mexico denounced the acts of Raniere alleging ignorance of the facts. However, apparently, Emiliano and his sister Cecilia Salinas Occelli were aware of the accusations against Raniere.

Emiliano Salinas.


The distinguished journalist, Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, writing for Polemon named the following publications as significant in providing information to the world about NXIVM:  The New York Times, Albany Times Union, Forbes, NY Observer, Albany Metroland, El País, Aristegui News, La Jornada, Political Animal, The Left Blog and The Frank Report. 

Polemon adds  “I highly recommend the review of articles in these media related to the NXIVM case. Many other national and international media have covered the NXIVM case.

And “It is recommended to review especially the comments and analysis that mention the name of the Mexican communicator [Sierra] in the alleged conspiracy to kidnap the women on the website The Frank Report . This page was created by Frank R. Parlato Jr. , a businessman from ??Buffalo, New York, who came to establish close links with key players in the organization.”

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  • Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a disgeace to Mexican polítics. To México as a nation bye the way. Since Salinas ‘ party (PRI) does not stand a chance, Ricardo Anaya (PAN) will likely win the elección.

  • the Bronfmans and Keith had worked hard for years to extend their power to a country such as Mexico – both had dreamed of NXIVM taking and having political control of countries world-wide

  • The consensus seems to be that Yuriria is in the Salinas / PRI camp. But is León really a counterweight? Or do his family ties to the Salinas / PRI camp make him a false flag ?

  • Leon is NOT a salinas follower, every mexican or person living in Mexico knows it, he was called to monitor the debate with yuriria who is a salinas follower, so I would NOT include Leon in this note!

  • The problem with only copying articles from Mexico with no real knowledge of Mexican politics. That debate already took place last Sunday. And yes, Yuriria Sierra is very close to the Salinas clan, but Leon not so much. His parents are close to Carlos Salinas. He? I don’t thinks so, for your information Leon was one of the first Mexican journalist to tell the story about Emiliano and Rainere and even Catherine Oxenberg has retweeted some of his comments about the cult.

    • Oh please Leon Krauze would be a nobody if not for his father’s connections and yes his father has always been close to Emiliano’s father.

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