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More on the suspicion of sexual abuse of teenage girls by NXIVM leader Keith Raniere

Athletic: Keith Raniere claims he was once East Coast Judo Champion – when he was 11 or 12 – and when he was a teen he tied the record for  New York State’s fastest 100 yard dash.  With such accomplishments, he probably had a lot of jock talk to discuss with the young girls of Chihuahua

By Frank Parlato

I could only glean a modicum of information from the girls’ tight-lipped Mexican family. They would only say Keith Raniere is a sicko and they should have never left the girls alone with him.

They had been persuaded to send the teenagers to Albany [only girls were sent] because Raniere would provide free training and this was described by a woman trusted by the families as a wonderful opportunity to learn from the world’s smartest man.  Raniere, it was said, had written a very special curriculum – in the form of modules – especially for teen girls.  The woman who sold them on it is a mother herself, with two teens at home, and two young children – the wealthy Rosa Laura Junco, whose father is the most powerful publisher in Mexico.

What happened? Why did the girls leave suddenly? Did something untoward happen? Raniere, whose followers are required to call him Vanguard, is a man who teaches sex with children is good if there is no pain involved. No pain, he says. Yet teaches a course called Human Pain –  and how do you think it feels to be branded?

One eyewitness said she saw Raniere sitting with the teen girls acting like he was one “cool suave dude”. She was shocked when he kissed them – on the lips – in greeting – and hugged them pelvis to pelvis. He was holding hands and touching them, sitting near them, touching them on their bodies in a suspicious manner. The girls were told he was a great teacher, not to be disrespected. But from the look on their faces, they were shocked at his behavior. A witness said the girls all agreed Keith was creepy.

There is more to the story: In short, 11 teenage girls from Mexico were brought to Clifton Park by Rosa Laura Junco. They returned home, the last girl returned in May 2017.  Classes were taught in the basement of Junco’s mansion in Clifton Park.

Junco, [a DOS slave herself] with her assistant, DOS slave Sahajo Haertel, were in charge of teaching the curriculum and instructions. Raniere made occasional special visits when the mood struck him. Dr. Brandon Porter also weighed in. [It is not known if he had them submit to his human fright experiments]. It is believed that Raniere made appointments to personally instruct one or more girls, a sort of private mentoring made available to the best and the brightest as judged by him. The meeting place was perhaps his sex lair on Hale Court [We must ask Kathy Russell for she was assigned to clean up the lair]. Junco’s daughter, 13, also attended classes.

Raniere’s cover was he created a Pilot Project to teach teen girls – because he cares about women and girl empowerment

To a few high- ranking members of NXIVM, Raniere explained the purpose of the girls’ visit: to conduct a “Pilot Project” created by him for teen girls.  Raniere, the founder of DOS, Executive Success Programs, NXIVM, Jness, Rainbow Cultural Garden, Society of Protectors, the Knife, the Source, exo/eso, Anima, Ultima, and other organizations, planned to introduce a girl’s program to high schools and this was The Pilot Project.

So why were the girls unhappy? For a number of reasons:

  1. The teens were told they were going to be taught high school curriculum. Instead they were only taught classes in English and NXIVM  modules, especially on gender.  [Raniere’s “Pilot Project” curriculum mirrored in some respects what is taught to women in Jness & DOS.]
  2. Junco and Haertel – their primary teachers are DOS slaves.
  3. Haertel was formerly a member of the Osho sex cult before joining Raniere and becoming his sex slave.
  4. The girls, who came from Chihuahua Mexico, had been told they would be given opportunities to do rewarding work to earn money in Clifton Park. They were placed in various Espian members homes. They were made to clean houses as if they were maids, required to preform childcare, act as personal assistants, and prepare food. The girls baked deserts for Intensives to earn spending money.
  5. Some girls were encouraged to go on low calories diets similar to DOS. When they rebelled, they were made to feel guilty. As growing girls, they felt they had no option but to eat more food which is contrary to Raniere’s teachings.
  6. The high degree of secrecy required in all Raniere’s endeavors made these girls uncomfortable and was alien to their upbringing.
  7. Raniere, while teaching the girls, made them uncomfortable when he held their hands, and kissed them on the lips.
  8. There may have been another darker reason that has not been disclosed that occurred between Raniere and one of more of the girls which has heretofore been secret. Remember that most statutory rape victims are afraid to tell elders or authorities what happened.
He must have looked at these tender young teenagers as fresh meat.

“The girls were completely grossed out by Keith”‘ said a source. “They felt Keith was a ‘lech” and creepy. They felt he had sexual intentions. They told their parents. Whether he did more, I don’t know. Keith knows what the laws are regarding age of consent. 

Rosa Laura Junco

The federal age of consent in Mexico is 12. The age of consent in New York State is 17.  One source said parents of the girls learned about allegations of pedophilia committed by Raniere as reported in the Albany Times Union and Frank Report. They may have learned about DOS, the human branding and blackmail scheme devised by Raniere.  Among the girls, four were members of the Lebaron family, a Mormon family living in Chihuahua Mexico who practice polygamy.

Rosa Laura Junco is a DOS slave.

In addition to dissatisfaction felt by teens from Mexico, Rosa Laura Junco’s daughter reportedly felt repelled by something that occurred, possibly by Raniere and her mother’s unusual relationship with him. She was sent out of town at the time the girls went home to a private boarding school. Then she later relocated to live with her father according to a source close to the family.  Junco’s son, 16, also seemed to have concerns. He too was sent out of town at the same time, then reportedly joined his father – a safer place for children then the slave den of their mother, Rosa Laura Junco.

Rosa Laura Junco trained Mexican teenage girls in this home [below].

Rosa Laura Junco’s mansion in Clifton Park where teenage girls were led to be taught about the mysteries of Keith Raniere.



An accomplished sex slave, Sahajo Haertel-Kozak is also a fusion tribal belly dancer.  She belonged to the sex cult of Osho before joining the sex cult of Raniere.  She married Ken Kozak in order to stay in the country [fake marriage] and get her green card, Sources say, she was paid under the table.


It is now only a bad memory perhaps for the girls of Chihuahua. They are older, perhaps sadder and wiser. Don’t trust every Vanguard who offers you a chance at stardom or a free education. Some girls were upset. They were supposed to get special training. Instead they were used as servants and housekeepers for no wages. And an old creep Keith Raniere – who was supposed to be their ethical teacher – was hovering around them looking to have sex. He may have succeeded. 


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  • Slightly off topic, but I feel the need to correct something in this article. Mormons are a nickname given to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. Mormons don’t practice polygamy as this article states. There are factions that broke away from that church who practice polygamy. The family mentioned here (if practicing polygamy) are not Mormons, but rather some other group that broke away from the church. Any member of that church (Mormons) who practice polygamy are excommunicated.

  • I could have made a good living, offering counseling to Vanguard’s castoffs after they were replaced by the younger talent.

    Why didn’t I think of that?

    Is it too late?

    Heck, Raniere himself would have paid me for it. It would have been the best investment he ever made as opposed to all his toss-aways turning on him like this.

    What’s that expression about “a woman scorned?” Did he really think they would keep his secrets locked up inside after he kicked them to the curb?

    I thought he was the smartest man in the world? He sure as hell does not know what makes women tick!

  • Over a decade ago, he was just a creepy guy sleeping with the inner circle women.
    The more we learn about what has transpired since I left, the more I feel like what comes out is just going to keep getting worse.

    Also, regarding the culture, even if the parents knew for sure, they would be less likely to admit one of the girls had been raped, because it would put a stigma on her for life.

  • Age of consent in Mexico is 12? Build that fu**ing wall pres. Good grief! No wonder Keith spent so much time there. Sicko.

  • Sahajo Haertel-Kozak is the most ghoulish looking woman I’ve ever seen.
    Did she escape from the Addams Family or the Munsters?

    Who profited financially or sexually from imported Mexican slave girls?
    It’s a good thing no one ever told the ‘learned’ Keith Raniere that in Islam a man can marry a 6 year old girl the way the Prophet Mohammed did.

    • — It’s a good thing no one ever told the ‘learned’ Keith Raniere that in Islam a man can marry a 6 year old girl the way the Prophet Mohammed did.

      Muhammad never did such a thing. Just because some sources mention such a ridiculous number, doesn’t make it fact, and I’m not going to argue for why on a forum that is irrelevant to it. And frankly, I don’t give two shits about this cult anymore and whoever was involved in this time wasting scam. This is always the eventual end result of falsehood even if it takes a lot of time and inflicts a lot of pain. Even if these people are convicted and sentenced here (or not) their judgement is not done. This is nothing compared to what is coming.


      • How old was Muhammad when he married Aisha and how old was she at that moment and when they finally started to live as a husband and wife?

        • My post did not show up. It was probably due the http links so I will try trimming them, putting spaces between special characters, and posting again.

          I already said I didn’t want to argue for this (and I’m really not) but I will quickly respond again for another ten minutes since my previous post did not show up.

          No one knows the exact age. They didn’t keep historical records for the date of birth during that time. Absurd hadiths say she was 6 when married and 9 when it was consummated. Historical evidence says otherwise. Those sources say she was married at 15-16 and the marriage was consummated between 18-19. For example, here are two links that refute such an absurd early age for marriage. There are many more on the internet.

          justonereason . net/debunking-the-aisha-child-marriage-myth/
          quransmessage . com/articles/ayesha % 20age % 20FM3.htm

          Aisha was the only virgin Muhammad married. Every other women was married previously to someone else. Aisha was also betrothed to be married *prior* the prophet, and that marriage did not happen due to discrepancies of belief. So she was already considered of marriageable age in Arabian society prior to marrying Muhammad which did not include child brides as a practice.

          I have a niece who just turned nine years old. I know first hand that this is an absurd age to have a marriage consummated. She’s around 4? tall and about 50 lbs, if that. Only morons who don’t use their minds and selectively believe in irrationality would think that a marriage at this age ever happened for Muhammad to the daughter of his best friend.

          • Keith Raniere is the reincarnation of Mohammed.

            Quoting directly from Islamic scripture.

          • That video doesn’t quote Islamic Scripture. There is only one scripture in Islam and that is the Qur’an. Those are the hadith collections – *alleged* sayings and doings of Muhammad based on certain criteria – compiled from primarily oral transmission some two hundred and fifty years after the Muhammad’s death, plenty of time for addition, subtraction, manipulation, interpolation, fabrication, etc. I’m not saying all of them are wrong, but they are based on little more than an alleged reliability of a chain of narrators (memory and trustworthiness). There is nothing in Islam that compels a Muslim to believe in any of them like they must believe in the Qur’an.

            Ironically, the Qur’an itself warns its believers to be wary of such possible aberrations as the following verses detail:

            “These are the verses of God that We recite to you with truth. Then in what *’Hadith’* (statement / narrative) after God and His ‘Ayat’ (verses) will they believe?” (Quran: 45:6)

            “We have explained in *detail* in this Quran, for the benefit of mankind, every kind of similitude: but man is, in most things, contentious”

            Shadowstate54 are you just going the browse the internet and find anti-Islamic sources from the web and just post them here?

            This isn’t a website for Islamic discussion. Unless you have some other agenda, eh?

    • Shadowstate do you have a life or spend all your time on this website? You take obsession to the next level

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