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Vice News Tonight on HBO has report on Frank Parlato’s battle with the sex slaver cult

A crew from Vice News Tonight on HBO came out to my home in Big Pine Key Florida about a month ago to film me for a story they aired on May 16, 2018.

The crew, including correspondent Elle Reeve, and producer, Lindsay Van Dyke, spent more than 9 hours with me and went into a great detail to get the story right. Afterward, they spent several weeks doing research and vetting everything I told them.  The video below appeared on HBO and was reposted on Youtube.

Here are the introductory comments Vice posted along with the video:

The story of alleged cult NXIVM has all the makings of a binge-worthy docuseries. A secretive leader who allegedly had women branded with his initials, wealthy heiresses who helped finance the organization, and a Hollywood actress accused of luring in fresh recruits.

But before all that was public, back in 2007, NXIVM, correctly predicting in advance the firestorm of press that lurked ahead, hired Frank Parlato to help with its public relations. They hoped he might go after detractors of the group accusing it of being a cult. He ended up exposing the story that made the alleged cult famous: that it had a secret sorority that was branding female “slaves” with leader Keith Raniere’s initials.

“I turned on an instant and said this is more than a cult. This is a deadly cult. This is more than a kooky group. This is a crazy group, a criminally insane group and it’s not just Raniere,” Parlato said.

Raniere and actress Allison Mack have since been arrested and face sex trafficking and forced labor charges. Both have pleaded not guilty. NXIVM denies its a cult and says it’s working with the authorities to demonstrate Raniere’s innocence.

Their lawyers wouldn’t comment for this piece.

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