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Desperate for dough, Sex-Slave Cult Lieutenant ‘Prefect’ Is Taking Students for only $10k per month

Do you have some sort of personal or professional problem? Or perhaps you have Tourette’s Syndrome? Problem solved: You can now hire Nancy Salzman, the putative President of Executive Success Programs (ESP), for $10,000 a month to solve them. (Spoiler Alert: Nancy Salzman, who is called “Prefect” amongst members of the infamous, sex-slave cult “NXIVM,” where guru Keith Raniere, who is called “Vanguard,” sits in federal detention on charges of sex-trafficking and forced, and co-defendant actress Allison Mack remains out on bail, facing the same federal charges as Raniere.)

Why so cheap? Because of legal and media challenges that ESP is facing, Nancy is taking on just 15 new people. Incidentally, $520,000 cash was also nabbed by federal agents when they executed a search warrant on her house in March, shortly after Raniere’s arrest in Mexico.

Federal Agents searching and seizing the likely fruits of sex and financial crime from Prefect’s Upstate NY home.

If your are interested in this unique opportunity, you might want to act fast because, as Chris Pearson-Smith notes below, slots are filling up fast. Four of the 15 are already taken. Which means there is room for only 11 of you.

So what do you get for your $10,000 per month? Up to two hours per week with Nancy Salzman, aka Prefect.” That means she is charging around $1,250 per hour.

By the way, if you wish to avail yourself of this “very effective new science,” you have to sign up for at least six months.

$60,000 for 48 hours of one-on-one time with Nancy Salzman.

There is no mention here about refunds if Nancy goes to jail before you complete your six month program.





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