Stolen Valor Vultures Murder Veterans Not Just Reputations: Part 1 –The Plot To Deny Veterans Treatment For PTSD & Environmental Hazards, like Agent Orange

There exists an internet gang that masquerades as champions of truth and patriotism in need of unveiling, which I intend to do through a series of articles.

I do so, however, reluctantly. Since, I, recognize how their bad acts can be twisted to make this revelation appear to be self-serving.

But I can think of no better way than to come about learning of their existence, motive and misinformation tactics when, like other veteran rights advocates, like John Kerry, whose political views are certainly not shared by me, we turn out we share in common their enmity for our defending veteran’s benefits.

Both of us were targeted by misinformation and fabrication of evidence being dealt out by what a private investigator and Marine Corps veteran, Sam McCloud, calls “Stolen Valor Vultures.”

McCloud took on and exposed this Internet group’s abuses in the 1990’s.

In my own situation, the claims made by these ministers of misinformation (that end up being repeated by them under various alias on the Internet rather convincingly), were determined to be falsehoods in various legal proceedings that include the cause of action of libel and slander;Frank Dux vs. Soldier of Fortune Magazine, et al, case No. B19883, Superior Court, County of Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, the outcome in a Court of Public Opinion is not determined by the evidence or lack of it. But instead, by how many times a lie can be repeated to cause it to be accepted as true as prescribed in Principles of Propaganda written by Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels’ propaganda warfare that includes threats and acts of physical violence are adopted and employed by the Stolen Valor Vulture, as well.

This is not just some “Useful Idiot” that would otherwise be in the worst case scenario perceived to be well intentioned “Internet vigilante;” with them having publicly justified their outrageous acts by expressing and propagating the belief proper legal forms of criminal investigation and punishment are nonexistent, insufficient, or inefficient.

Stolen Valor Vultures are not some run of the mil cyber bully that hide behind the excuse of being a makeshift fix to an obvious break in the system.

They conspire and act in unison, to unduly enrich themselves.

They deal out suffering and are responsible for murder suicide of veterans.

They act indifferent to the truth without remorse.

They boast of having a body count while the FBI and other forms of law enforcement look on, indifferent, perhaps swayed by their past military charisma and the break in the system argument.

The true danger, however, lies not with them or their vigilante style activities but violation of the Posse Comitatus Act in the United States.

My findings indicate that in the mid 1990’s an orchestrated psychological military warfare proxy operation took place and was carried out against US citizens on US soil by US military personel.

The operation was no different than how this sort of Presidential ordered “black op” had been conducted against Dr. Martin Luther King, where the FBI sought to use useful idiots and media to discredit his voice of dissent with regards to the anti-Vietnam war movement.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation going so far as having had attempted to blackmail the peace / civil rights activist while also threatened Dr. King with death shortly before his assassination.  Believed to have made good on its threat.

My research indicates the mission objective in the case of the Stolen Valor mission is to make use of useful idiots by which to trivialize veteran complaints responsible for arousing mass attention and sentiment for causes, like PTSD and Agent Orange.

In addition, obfuscate dereliction of duty, corruption and violations of authority committed under the color of authority by US military, as well.

The Psych-War misinformation tactic employed is simply based upon the principle of guilt through association.

A “target’s” dissenting voice is associated in with a bastion of mentally disturbed individuals, conspiracy nuts, phony veterans and non-veterans all “crying wolf” as being exposed in great numbers by Stolen Valor Vultures.

This is why at first glance, Stolen Valor Vultures seemingly provide a noble service in ousting those who embellish past military service as well as those civilians that never served posing as active or former combat veterans or members of elite units.

The George W. Bush Administration whether deserved or not, nonetheless, now appears to have taken on the appearance of being anti-Veteran, complicit and underhanded in having aided, abetted and rewarded Stolen Valor Vulture, B. G. Burkett, for this aforementioned purpose.

The Burkett book is used in an attempt to delegitimize the widespread PTSD and Agent Orange veteran’s crisis with Burkett painting victims of PTSD and Agent Orange to be liars and cheats.

It’s controversial and sensational claims makes him rich and proved to be a valuable political tool used in an effort to reverse the previous Presidential administrations VA decision to treat and provide financial assistance benefits for veterans affected by PTSD and Environmental injuries, like Agent Orange, contaminated water systems on Naval vessels, asbestos, etc.

The believed to be puppet masters of the Deep State and major contributors to the Bush family political machine is Big Pharma/Medical/ Insurance Conglomerates.

Not overlooking the Industrial War Complex and Large Chemical Companies also invariably affected by the VA decision that makes it unable for them to continue to sell to the military Agent Orange and chemicals that threaten the long-term health needs of veterans, the medical, big pharma, and insurance sales industry endured a noticeable loss in their revenue stream, as a result of the decision.

This loss is attributable to the fact veterans were no longer forced to look to and pay for private medical care and health insurance to meet their health needs being denied them as had incurred during and post Vietnam era.

This is when PTSD and Agent Orange went unacknowledged and untreated by the Veteran’s Administration, forcing veterans and their families to look outside the VA system for assistance for a military related injury.

Entire families saw their childhood homes, farms and inheritances sold off in their transference of wealth to “Big Pharma/ Medical/ Insurance Industry” in the pursuit of treatment of such ailments.

Attempting to trivialize the large scale medical crisis, the Dallas stockbroker, B.G. Burkett, claims in his book to have swallowed an Agent Orange 8 oz cocktail to be part of some elite group in Vietnam. He seeks to minimize the VA decision regards to PTSD and harmful effects of Agent Orange.

B.G. Burkett ended up awarded the Presidential Service Award by George W. Bush for his self published un-vetted book, entitled: Stolen Valor: War Stories and Other Lies that is compilation ofmisinformation, disinformation and outright lies being used to add an air of legitimacy to the Bush era proposals of cutting if not minimizing VA benefits for PTSD and Agent Orange.

Fox channels’ Hannity and Colmes, August 26, 2004 edition, exposed how Stolen Valor Vulture author B.G. Burkett is untruthful and deceptive, NOT CREDIBLE.

Burkett attempted to diminish and link Presidential Candidate John Kerry’s post-Vietnam War service to Jane Fonda by doctoring a photo leaving a false impression, making it appear Kerry was standing alongside Jane Fonda while B.G. Burkett is making the false allegation Kerry had called his fellow Vietnam Veterans rapists and murderers. That Kerry committed war crime atrocities of killing innocent women and children.

Being one of the ringleaders in propagating the Swift Boat lies that torpedoed President Kerry bid for the Presidency as well as his seemingly attempting to diminish veterans benefits, Stolen Valor Vulture, B.G. Burkett, is dubbed the “Minister of Misinformation” by members of the Vietnam Veterans Group, VVAW.



About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • Frank Dux is a sad, sad man, so very disgusting and pathetic. Oh well, at least you are making money off of morons, can’t blame you for making a buck… just not an honest one.

  • Since the days of Blood Sport, I’ve been a fan of yours Frank. I’ve often wanted to know what you’ve been up to recently so I Googled you. This is disappointing that you would post something like this on a day that should be set aside for the fallen.

    This is not professional journalism. It sounds like you are butthurt about something. Could it be this? http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=70958

    Come on, Frank. You’re better than this. You owe it to the fans that have supported you to avoid going down the drain when you think you are irrelevant. You are only irrelevant if you think you are. If you can’t be in the lime light anymore, live out the rest of your life in peace.

    • Dear Morgan,

      I have no control regards to date of publishing as the editor for Artvoice.com does.

      Nonetheless, I, agree with him and, obviously, disagree with you.

      The Memorial Day weekend is a most appropriate day to make people aware of the important issue of the FRATRICIDE of Veterans that is attributable to Stolen Valor Vultures.

      Apparently, the importance of this issue is lost on you or you’re a deceptive person.

      I suggest you read the Filed Complaint and examine its Exhibit evidence in the libel and slander case of Frank Dux v. Robert Brown, Alexander McColl, Larry Bailey and Soldier of Fortune magazine, Case No: BC198883, Superior Court Of California versus being taken in by a bogus blog post.

      • Morgan Blake is a young current duty U.S. Army Military Police woman and a stolen valor vulturing vigilante her damn self. She is part of the thisainthell/blogosphere of military kooks and has been TOLD by her handlers to write and chide DUX for their little collection of “docs” which they will be needing for their law suit defenses. She is one of the internet conspirators who have sabotage murdered a real-deal Vietnam War Veteran Daniel A. Bernath’s airplane at a Ft. Myers, Florida hangar and are currently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration. see http://www.thisainthell.is/ and http://www.widowmarypschantag.is/ for dossiers and investigation evidences.

      • Memorial Day is set aside to remember the fallen. So sad that you chose to make it about you and ignore the sacrifices of those that did so in the name of life, liberty and free speech. But to each his own.

        You wrote: “Apparently, the importance of this issue is lost on you or you’re a deceptive person.” Why? Because we disagree you immediately assume to know my intent. This sounds like you are talking to yourself vs. engaging in professional discourse. A rationalization.

        So sad. All of this. You post and comment on your own posts. Using each opportunity to self-promote. All of this was over 20 years ago and you are still stuck on it. Let go, Frank. Salvage what little self-respect that you can and move on with your life. Take the high road.

        Do you *really* believe that there is some huge conspiracy to target your career and bring you down? That’s delusional to say the least. Seriously, think about it. You had your 15 minutes of fame years ago that many of us only dream of and you now act like a child that simply can’t let go. You foster an image of a has-been when you display this lack of dignity.


        * Do you still claim that you were inserted behind enemy lines in Laos to do undercover hit operations for the Marines?

        * Do you still claim that you were recruited by the CIA director as a secretive operative to serve as his right hand man?

        I’m now actually believing that you tell yourself all this garbage because that’s easier than manning up. Ironically, I truly believe that you are passing up an opportunity at a second career by just coming clean.

        People want to be inspired. Someone revealing their warts and baring their soul is an exception to the norm and can truly inspire if it is done right. Desperately clinging to old worn out stories that make no sense does nothing to inspire.

        Sad, just so sad. You’ve lost me.

  • PART ONE, huh..?

    Part One about the stolen valor vulture B.J. (Juggs) Burkett actually started with him as a support role for me and my unit near Long Binh II Field Forces. In 1968-69 He was what was referred to as a R.E.M.F. “rear echelon mother fucker” by the elite special forces trained Airborne Ranger LRRPs on the same 199th Light Infantry Brigade compound. B.J. Burkett was the only Infantry Officer to NOT RECEIVE the combat Infantry badge in that Vietnam War Infantry unit. Why, you might ask? He never spent one day in the jungle against the Viet Cong who were all around his Area Of Operations on the Song Dong Nai and Song Be Rivers in the Mekong Delta South Vietnam. Everyone knew of him as “THE DOG ROBBER”. The colloquial term is referenced to those Officers who are always up the Commanders ass (Aid De Camp) and to NOT go to the field/jungle. He never mentions that in any of his media slugs. For him to chide in on the combat disabled Vietnam Infantry Veterans is like “a nun scolding the gang-bangers protecting her”. What a sorry piece of shit. I say, “Sit the fuck down and shut up, dumb ass.”

    Today is Memorial Day 2018 and Thank You Frank W. Dux for this very serious article about these self appointed Stolen Valor Vigilantes who troll the internet for their “targets” they call them. I call them “victims” of Americas current duty military who cull the military Veterans who have served before themselves. Shame on those who still harass and dishonor the Vietnam War Veterans after all these decades, 50 years after the war.

    On an offshore island (Iceland) you will find two hosted websites that also eXpose’ these culprits. You will find Dossiers of the individuals who do this, even from the Pentagon. This article is featured in both places this Memorial Day.

    Thank You Dux and am looking forward to your Part Two.



      • Hey Frank W. Dux, did you read below where Miss Military Police Officer Morgan Leigh Blake of the 143rd Military Police Company Connecticut National Guard was admitting she was at work using her tax payer government computer to chide the other military Veterans who she sees fit, for her jollies. NOTICE: she actually has nothing to say about the subject of B.G. Burkett hereon and the factual information about Burkett’s military background…(because this is what valor vulturing vigilantes) do for fun. “They (she) are like flies eating people’s shit; then bothering everybody”. Shame upon those current duty National Guard Connecticut military underlings who still harass and dishonor the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans after all these decades (50 years) and for their (her) fun and cyber hobby entertainment on U.S. Government computers. BURN IN HELL..!.

        How about PFC. Morgan Leigh Blake (hereon) give me her direct Commanding Officer’s name, rank, and telephone number. The real deal Combat Vietnam War Veterans want to know if her Commander has put her up to all this or is she a free-rolling on her own? Maybe the M.P.’s Commander will give her an award medal of some kind. OR NOT.!

        Now Frank W. Dux, I will contact you via your email and explain about the stolen valor vultures involved in an ongoing
        Federal Aviation Administration sabotaged aircraft murder, in Florida, of another Vietnam War Veteran, Daniel A. Bernath. We have the names and blog conspiracies with evidentiary pictures. SEE WHO YOU ARE REALLY WRITING ABOUT?

        Make a good movie, wouldn’t it.

    • I’ve done a little research, Frank. This is the man that is behind the websites that you promote above.


      Take a good hard, long, look Frank. This is what you will be in a few years.

      Flailing at the empty air, trying to get anybody you can to listen to you. So, sad.

      • Morgan Blake: Is that all you got… a spoof video that is the number one video on the stolen valor blog channels… ha, ha, ha, ha. Now don’t you feel used…. Thanks for your support you fucking Leg… I need to find your M.P. Company Commander…. and explain to him/her what all circles you are hanging out in.the troll-land during your time off….. Haven’t the troll people over on thisainhell.us told you the ramifications to dissing me… a lot of people (current duty military) have lost their asses for harassing and dishonoring the combat disabled Vietnam War Veterans just for their fun and profit, you know. Go look at the stolen valor vulture dossiers…. You will be there soon, too. http://www.widowmarypschantag.is/?page_id=212 See how this really works little girl.

        • PHP – You made the video so I would assume you would be proud of your creation. I’m merely helping you promote it by sharing the link.

          As for the rest of what you wrote — I have no idea what you are talking about. Paranoid much?

          I think I get what you’re about, though. If anyone should have an opinion that differs from Franks and yours, well then we will be punished for our opinions by being accused of child molestation, sexual deviancy or other things.

          Nice to know that ArtVoice fosters this kind of social media practice.

          Yeah, threaten people. That’s it. That’ll get you far. It will also bring people around to your way of thinking. Agree with me or suffer the consequences. I’m wondering if Frank Dux buys into your philosophy? Cyber-threats and stalking is a real crime.

          This will be Frank’s first major fork in the road with his newly chosen partnership with you.

          • Morgan Leigh Blake, you are a current duty military police woman in the 143rd Military Police company of the Connecticut National Guard. Don’t you know the rules about cyber harassing and dishonoring the military Veteran civilians that went before you. You are merely a current duty military suck-puppet for the stolen valor vigilantes that you never mention. I mentioned you would be on the internet with a valor vulture dossier and now you are. Welcome to the shithole that the stolen valor vultures thru you into girly.. Go look at your self over in Iceland. I was thrown in jail for chasing the baddest ass Navy SEAL up the court house steps and video taping him run away from me….He likes to video others for a subscription fee to the other valor vultures but cries like a baby in a court room. Now here you are. Get your story correct, honey. i http://www.widowmarypschantag.is/?page_id=760 http://www.widowmarypschantag.is/?page_id=212 I am going to make you famous. In the next week or so, I will be contacting your Commanding Officer and then they will be lighting your ass up. Wanna bet,? Now let Frank William Dux write his part two of valor vultures. His story is much better now that the Connecticut National Guard Military Police Private First Class has turned up to chide him. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… This would make a great movie. If you don’t have more medals than me,; shut the fuck up weenie.

            Oh yah, you should address me as “Drill Sergeant” from now on.

          • Purple Heart Parachutist (aka Dallas Wittgenfeld) – Be very careful, harrassment will land you back in jail again.


            If Frank Dux condones this behavior, perhaps he could share a cell with you? I would encouraged both of you should make better choices. I was merely debating on an internet forum but you two seem to take it to a whole new, and frankly a bizarre, level with people that simply have a differing opinon.

            Relax. If you want to talk Stolen Valor and Memorial Day, I’m all ears. If you feel you must harrass someone at their place of work, it’s not something I want to be a part of.

            Who’s harrassing who?

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