Fascinating story about NXIVM leader Raniere’s early school days published in Epoch Times

I received the following email:
Hi Frank,
This is Bowen, I’m a reporter with The Epoch Times, an award-winning general interest newspaper.
We have been following your reports on NXIVM and just wanted to share this Exclusive story we just did on Keith Raniere’s childhood. Thought you would like to have a look at it.
Well Bowen was not kidding., The story is very interesting and features reminiscences of Keith as a little whipper snapper.
He called little girls stupid, tricked them, had a fascination on a skinny girl who was nicknamed Twiggy and even threatened a little girl with revealing a secret he held over her. Her mother had to intervene with Keith’s first known record of threatening a girl.
Well worth reading.
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