Half Moon is fastest growing in New York state for 2017; alas Raniere left, so did Bronfman

According to a report in the Albany Times Union, “the Capital Region is New York state’s boomtown, with six of the 15 fastest growing communities.”

Topping them all is Half Moon, the town where Keith Raniere lived until he fled to Mexico.

A Times Union analysis of the latest population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau show Halfmoon [where many NXIVM members live] leads the state when it comes to percentage growth in population between 2010 and 2017.

The town’s 2017 estimated population of 24,436 is up from 21,517 in 2010.

But a lot changed in 2018.

Half Moon’s most famous resident, Keith Raniere a/k/a The Vanguard, was arrested and forcibly relocated to a Brooklyn jail. He can’t come home. In fact, the gvernment has moved to seize his sex lair at 8 Hale Drive.

Another resident, Allison Mack, was arrested and forced to reside in California with her parents on home arrest and $5 million bail.  Clare Bronfman, the funder of the sex slave cult, relocated to New York City to be close to her imprisoned Vanguard. She may also be arrested and reside there more permanently in the women’s section of the prison.

Emiliano SalinasAlex BetancourtSara Bronfman – the other big money of NXIVM- all have houses here and all are nowhere to be seen.

Betancourt put his home up for sale. India Oxenberg and Nicki Clyne – the two most prominent DOS slaves – left Half Moon for New York City to work and await arrest, possibly hoping to exonerate Raniere and possible taking the fall for him too.

More NXIVM members are likely to be arrested and some will be relocated to Brooklyn jail if they don’t get, or can’t make bail.

Probably more than 100 NXIVM members have left the cult since the scandal exploded; some are getting as far away as they can from cult central.  Half Moon used to be called “NXIVM Village” by the cult insiders.

Will this exodus of people from NXIVM – both voluntarily and involuntarily – cause Half Moon to lose its first place growth ranking?

I doubt it. If Half Moon gets cleansed of the cult, it may see a new infusion of non-cult residents. As one neighbor told me, “Having Keith Raniere in our town is a shitty thing to have happen.”

Now that he’s gone, Half Moon is really a most excellent place to live.


Apropos of that – and because at Frank Report, we like to encourage arts and especially poetry – we are pleased to publish a poem submitted by one of our readers, Sylvie Stultus.

It’s called:

India’s Song

Everybody’s high on consolation
Everybody’s trying to tell me what is right for me, yeah
My Vanguard mentored me in his sex lair
But it’s plain to see that they can’t comfort me

Sorry, Allison, for the imposition
I think I got it (branded), I got the strength to carry on, oh yeah
I’ll give more collateral and a quick decision
Now it’s up to me, ooh, what will be

He’s gone, he’s gone
Oh I, oh I
I better learn how to face it
He’s gone, he’s gone
Oh I, oh I
I’d pay the devil to take the fall for it
He’s gone, and he’s gone
Oh why, what went wrong?

Get up in the morning, look in the mirror
I’m thin as a toothbrush hanging in the stand, yeah
My face ain’t looking any younger
Now I can see I would soon have been – out of the harem

He’s gone, he’s gone
I better learn how to face it
he’s gone
I’d pay the devil to trade places [with him] He’s gone
Oh why, what went wrong?

Think I’ll spend eternity in the prison
Let the carb-rich foods choke my thoughts away,
And pretty bodies help dissolve the memories
If he’s free they can be what I was (was) to (to) him

He’s gone, he’s gone
I better learn how to face it
He’s gone
Like the devil, you can’t replace him
He’s gone
Oh I, what went wrong?

I can’t believe that he’s gone
I’d get branded on my forehead with his initials to give him tribute

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