Leaked email from Clare Bronfman — Call to Action for Plugged-In Technologies

The email below was leaked to me. It is undated. It appears to be from Clare Bronfman to a mailing list. Plugged-In Technologies is one of the 90 companies the US DOJ EDNY mentioned in a court filing recently, suggesting it may be under scrutiny. My guess is this email was sent sometime in either December 2014 or December 2015.



Call to Action for Plugged-In Technologies
Dear Friends,We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. As some of you may already know, a team has been working with Keith Raniere to develop a technology that will bring more reliable, potent, and private usage of the Internet, and all your mobile devices. Our focus is on creating a secure and ethical online experience, and entrepreneurial real-world communities with technology.Keith Raniere has 16 patents and 23 patents pending protecting these innovative developments, and we are seeking to expand our team of talented technologists to launch this revolutionary product.

We want to draw on our expansive network to find driven, high-level technologists. This is an opportunity to work on a tremendous leap forward in the tech industry that will change how individuals use and relate with technology. Please refer to our website,, for a full description of the available opportunities.

If you have any questions, or want more information, please contact me, Clare Bronfman, at

Clare Bronfman
On behalf of Plugged-In Technologies
NXIVM Executive Board

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