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Longtime NXIVM member & salon owner, Alayne Curtiss – wants her ex employees to be silent about her role in NXIVM or else!

By Frank Parlato

With all the scandals reported in the media about NXIVM, it is no wonder that longtime member Alayne Curtiss wants to keep the lid on her role in the sex cult that blackmails and brands women.

After all, Alayne owns the well known Make Me Fabulous salon in Saratoga Springs, NY, and not all her customers are NXIVM members. Indeed, many would disapprove of going to a hair salon whose owner supports branding and blackmailing women.


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Of course, Alayne won’t lose all her customers once word gets out she is part of an alleged sex slaver cult.

She has been doing Nancy Salzman’s hair for over a decade, and [Name redacted] and a bunch of the skinny women.  The late Pam Cafritz was also a customer.  Many who visited there will remember seeing Pam come in with a ghastly appearance and carrying a white milky drink she told everyone Keith Raniere had prescribed for her which was supposed to cure her of cancer.

Alayne recently went to Mexico [while Keith Raniere was hiding there] to do production videos for NXIVM. [She is an amateur filmmaker]. Most likely, she did that work for free in exchange for the work that Dr. Brandon Porter is doing with her 18 year old daughter.
Under the auspices of Clare Bronfman’s Ethical Science Foundation, Dr Porter is reportedly trying to cure Alayne’s teen daughter of Crohn’s disease with a new scientific method that includes “tech” Keith Raniere invented.
All of her employees knew of Alyane’s devotion to NXIVM for years [she is believed to have tried to recruit them]. But, after the branding stories came out, many of Alyane’s employees became disgusted by her continued, rabid involvement in NXIVM. Some quit in protest.
Alayne Curtiss does not want you to know she has been in NXIVM for 13 years. Mum’s the word.
Since none of her employees are known to have signed non disclosure agreements concerning her cult devotion, some who quit dared to mention to family and friends that Alyane is in the notorious cult that brands women and submitted her daughter to dangerous experiments with the same NXIVM doctor who conducts human fright experiments on women.
Alayne has been in NXIVM for 13 years and learned a thing or two from her Vanguard. According to my source, she just served seven former employees with cease and desist letters.  The letters say her employees better stop talking about her involvement with the cult or she will sue them.
Since none of them are rich, they better be careful.  To relieve the pressure on them, they need no longer speak about Alayne Curtiss being in NXIVM.  They can refer those interested to Frank Report where people can learn about the cult and how Alayne surrendered her daughter to them and how she is now reportedly threatening those who dare speak of it.
“Dammit Keith – I’m a doctor not a human brander”– Dr. Brandon Porter has reportedly been trying out a new human experiment on Alayne’s teenage daughter. It is not known if that included special sessions with the good doctor or his Vanguard – who specialized in therapy on teenage girls.


Alyane, don’t bother to send me a cease and desist letter threatening to sue. Get a lawyer and sue me right away.  Discovery should be very interesting.

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