NXIVM mad scientist: taxpayers paid Dr. Brandon Porter’s college tuition; he walked out of med school with zero student debt

Following the last publication about Dr. Brandon Porter – which showed him to be a fairly sleazy horn dog and ruthless recruiter – several people came forward with more information about the mad physician. He is best known for his human fright experiments.

Dr. Porter finished his MD/PhD at Iowa and, even then, he was a member of NXIVM.  “He was wholly on board and gung ho,” one source said.

He also tried to pitch any one he could get interested in joining NXIVM and paying for their high priced courses.

One person told me he gave her a sales pitch.  “It sounded way too Ayn Rand-y and cultish for me,” she said.

Another person told me, “Once I read about the findings coming out last fall, I started a Google alert for ‘Brandon Porter’ ‘NXIVM,’ so Google sends me all the new articles.  That’s how I came across this one.  I was flabbergasted already, but to attempt to exploit childhood friends’ children seems somehow worse.  What no one in the media has caught onto is that he was MSTP – Medical Scientist Training Program.  That means the TAX PAYERS shelled out about $1 million to pay for his MD, PhD.  He left med school with no debt. I know he was exposed to a robust curriculum on human subjects ethics too.  He can’t feign ignorance.”

Another source sent me this message, it was what Dr. Porter sent to a classmate back in 2008 and refers to his work for the Ethical Science Foundation, a project devised by Keith Raniere, with Clare Bronfmanfunding it.

Dr. Porter wrote: “The lab that we are going to start will start as a neuroscience laboratory, and will, hopefully, grow into an institute where people in diverging fields (math, neuroscience, physics, biology, etc.) come together to build bridges in our understanding of the world around us. Not only that, but another goal will be for it to be an environment where scientists can grow as people. Grow, so that they feel more comfortable outside of their own knowledge (comfort zone) and can actually explore new things, instead of ‘proving’ what they thought was true in the first place. In the end, we are trying to cultivate joy and further our understanding of the world that we live in. I think that we can do this, and it will be an exciting process trying to get there.”

Another source, who saw the message said “that quote demonstrates that he went against the basic fundamentals of research which is to take what we know to be true and expand on it.”
In the end, Dr. Porter wanted to cultivate joy. His mentor, Keith Raniere, explains how with his well known quote: “He who has the most joy, wins.”
I always felt that “he who has the most joy wins” has a sinister overtone to it. Why should joy be competitive? Consider, if “he who has the most joy wins,”  then does it not stand to reason that to win by having the most joy, taking joy away from others, will help one win- and is, therefore, justified?
“He who has the most joy wins.”
I would change it to “he who gives the most joy wins.”
But Raniere [now having joy in jail] and Dr. Porter [having joy as he faces medical malpractice hearings and possible criminal charges] may know better. How much joy did Dr. Porter feel when he showed terrified women snuff films and gang rape films against their will and by surprise?
I bet he was winning big time.
Dr. Brandon Porter

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  • Ok Artvoice. First of all, let’s start with FACTS You said: “What no one in the media has caught onto is that he was MSTP – Medical Scientist Training Program. That means the TAX PAYERS shelled out about $1 million to pay for his MD, PhD. He left med school with no debt”

    This may be true, but please show me where the “Ruth L. Kirschstein Institutional National Research Service Award” (aka a grant) is in ANY way shape or form, paid for by Taxpayers. It wasn’t. If he got this award, it was funded by private donations. Here are some links to more information about this grant:

    Furthermore, I grew up with Dr. Porter, and he was a bright, kind, normal kid. He was well-liked and very smart. Came from a great family. Look- at the end of the day, he got brainwashed by this cult like everybody else. I swear to you he is no monster. Cults are cults for a reason. He got caught up in it too. I hope he finds counseling and food representation. I also hope his victims get counseling. They are all victims.

  • More and more genuine Americans are catching on , please keep fighting back we don’t believe the chaits or just about anyone on the Democratic side, they have become so twisted it’s sickening. But as the truth comes out it can’t be brushed aside . We the people have gotten used to governments that didn’t give a shit about us, but we showed respect to people like Obama/Harrison/Barry or whoever the hell he is. No more. Americans find out the truth before you jump on every CNN or the many liberal rags . These are just my opinions

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