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WITCHSKULL ‘The Vast Electric Dark’ reissued in celebration of their new album this June.

Galloping debut album The Vast Electric Dark from Canberra 

metal trio WITCHSKULL sees timely reissue

STB Records revisits a modern classic via a deluxe new edition of the band’s stunning debut in celebration of their sophomore outing

Adding to the excitement around the upcoming second album from Australia’s favorite throwback metallers Witchskull, boutique New York label STB Records is making a keen and welcome move:  they’re re-issuing The Vast Electric Dark, the band’s thunderous old-school metal meets new-school doom debut.

The new edition features the same beautiful cover art as the original, pressed on reddish-black cloudy-haze vinyl and limited to just 250 copies worldwide.  STB will have the new edition available just in time for all those finding new metal purpose in the band’s sophomore effort, Coven’s Will.

Witchskull originated beneath the equator in Canberra, Australia in 2014. The trio’s anthemic power and chaotic ferocity was quickly acclaimed by the underground masses, who horns-upped the timelessness and primordial wisdom of the band’s classic sound:

The Vast Electric Dark basks in quality songcraft and doomy, heavy vibes.” – The Obelisk

“Riff after riff, they rip through precise and kicking sounds with lava-like intensity. Each song is a fully formed gem.” – Bucket List

“Witchskull rules, and I could tell that within the first fifteen seconds of the album… The Vast Electric Dark isn’t just a cool sounding album title, it’s a damn ass kicker.” – New Noise

Widespread praise led to quick sales of Witchskull’s joint STB Records / Ripple Music debut, propelling the band’s recognition and culminating in their signing with legendary UK doom institution Rise Above Records.

With Rise Above releasing the much-anticipated new album on June 1, STB Records is providing the ammunition to combat any inevitable fandom being written off as a ride on the bandwagon. The NWOBHM howls and headbanging riffs of The Vast Electric Dark will ensure no one ever forgets where this band began.

The “STB Saturday” preorder sale for the limited reissue of Witchskull’s The Vast Electric Dark begins at noon EST on Saturday, June 2nd at

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