The Right Side

By J. Gary DiLaura

The checks and balances I am referring to are what we were taught in junior high about why we have 3 branches of government, Executive (President), Legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Judges and Courts).

The Legislative branch enacts the laws and appropriates the money needed to operate the government.

The Executive Branch, President, enforces the laws, administers the policy enacted and funded by the Congress.

The Judicial branch interprets the Constitution and laws and applies their interpretation to matters brought to the courts.

In order for the system to work, all parties involved must be truthful when called to explain to another body, with overview responsibilities, about matters that are in dispute. For example, when a Senate or Congressional Intelligence Committee, whose members have top clearances, ask the Director of an intelligence Agency like the CIA, FBI, NSA to answer questions that pertain a specific matter, they are duty bound and legally bound to tell the freaking truth. If they are put under oath, to insure their honesty, and if they lie anyway, they are clearly displaying their utter disrespect for our Rule of Law, the oath of office they swore to obey and their arrogance that what they say is much more important than our LAW! There must be severe consequences and… there are! Otherwise we might as well use our Constitution as tissue paper!

What we are now confronted with is a total, complete and well organized breakdown of our Rule of Law and our Checks and Balances, organized and perpetrated, in my opinion, by the former President, Obama.

We have former Director James Clapper, NSA, openly and arrogantly admitting that he lied under oath, to Congress about ever wiretapping American citizens. We have FBI Director James Comey stealing government documents to illegally release them to unauthorized persons. We have former CIA Director John Brennan, lying every time he opens his mouth. Susan Rice former Obama National Security Officer, lying , deceiving every one about Benghazi, where 4 Americans were killed .

We even have evidence from Federal Judges of the most secret Federal court in the country, the FISA Court, that ALL of the above “trusted” intelligence officers have mislead, lied, and intentionally deceived the FISA Court. These are NOT hearsay allegations. They are all substantiated, direct testimony that I have witnessed myself. Some has been reported through Clapper and Comey’s own testimony and FOIA requested reports from various “Watch” groups.

If that isn’t enough for the President to take charge, then what is? The irony is that most all of this is being done to destroy President Trump’s presidency and he doesn’t want to get involved…why?

The President of the United States MUST never submit to “any interview” by any law man, especially one who works for the President, and I don’t care who sits by his side. Rudy is a good man, I worked a little with him in New York, but he was never an Agent and isn’t fully aware of what can happen. I only hope Rudy Giuliani is jerking Mueller’s chain about submitting to an interview.

If the President gets involved in “his”, out of control DOJ and suspends Rod Rosenstein and others so deserving…the entire Mueller nonsense will come to a halt, until the President replaces Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein!! In the mean time the president can designate his representative to run DOJ until new personnel are found.

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