Shira’s Got the Scoop seeks further inquiry on Rainbow and alleged suicides

Shira’s Got the Scoop! has written another important story on – what might seem to be obvious to many of us – but perhaps really isn’t to the media.

#NXIVM: Time for Major Media to Focus On 1)Nursery Schools 2)Mysterious Deaths

She writes, “While the national news is most focused on the sexual slavery (DOS) division of NXIVM, I have written before about Rainbow Cultural Garden, a chain of daycares/nursery schools that focus on extreme language immersion in a matter recommended by no linguistic or child development expert…”

And she writes also about the mysterious deaths of Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson.

She writes, ‘There have been some suspicious deaths tied to NXIVM. Two top women in the organization reportedly perished quite young of cancer, …. In addition to those deaths, one woman who wrote a note about being brainwashed and unable to think, feeling dead inside, went missing and since she was never found, her death was ruled a suicide. Another woman was a victim of statutory rape at the hands of Raniere and after being missing for a while, she was found with a bullet to her head. Although that death was also ruled a suicide…”


Read the story, it makes a persuasive argument. 


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