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NXIVM flight – Famed Mexican Actress Ludwika Paleta puts sex-slaver cult home in Albany for sale

By Frank Parlato
Famed Mexican actress and NXIVM cult member, Ludwika Paleta has listed her Albany area home for sale.  The 2400 square foot home at 18 Silo Rive is in Waterford NY – a suburb near Albany.  She purchased the  home less than a year ago -on June 8, 2017 – for almost $500,000.
Ludwika, who is a star in Mexico, is married to NXIVM High Rank, Emiliano Salinas, who is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas.  Ludwika has listed the home for $512,000. Based on current market trends, it is expected to sell within days.
Ludwika’s Albany home has an in-ground pool.
As of a few days ago, the lot was overgrown. But a landscaping crew just came in and cleaned up the property. Ludwika reportedly has not been there in months. The home was only a short walk to the home of NXIVM cult leader, Keith Raniere, who fled the Albany area last fall and went to Monterrey.
Raniere was arrested in Puerto Vallarta on March 25 and deported to the US. He is now at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn having been denied bail on charges of sex traffickimng, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy. Also charged was NXIVM member and actress Allison Mack.
NXIVM member Justin Ellliot has been managing Ludwika’s property and pays the homeowner’s association for Paleta’s and another home in the small community by a check in his name. The other home is at 5 Farmview and belongs to Mexican NXIVM member Loreta Garza.
Ludwika barely had a chance to use her Albany home. When she did visit, which was rarely, she caused neighbors to be concerned. When she left the home – pulling out of the driveway in her Land Rover – another car would mysteriously appear on the road and follow her.
Emiliano Salinas and wife Ludwika Paleta.
It is not known if this was a bodyguard, someone to escort her to Raniere, or one of the classes, or to one of her friends in the community. For a time, Ludwika was reportedly warmly entertaining Vancouver actor Mark Hildreth, a NXIVM cult member, who also stayed frequently in the Albany area.
Hildreth later slipped out of the cult, anguished, reportedly, after he found out his girlfriend had been branded with Keith Raniere’s initials on her pubic region.
The red balloon marks where Ludwika’s home is. It is now for sale for $512,000.
It is not known if Ludwika’s husband, Emiliano stayed with her at her Albany area house. Emiliano’s lover and business partner, Alejandro Betancourt, built a home on nearby Moe Road and Emi may have stayed there with him when he came up to Albany to be in the presence of Raniere.
If anyone is interested, Ludwika’s home features: 2571 square feet, plus a full basement: It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a Security System, Wood Floors, Wall to Wall Carpet, a Deck, Patio, In-Ground Pool and a half acre lot.


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