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Poem by Phone available

The idea of listening to a poem by dialing a telephone number is not new.
In 1969 Mr. John Giorno started Dial-A-Poem that went on for years.

Back then it was mostly local to New York City.

Speed ahead in time to today, 2018, my version is called Poem by Phone
which I dedicate to the remarkable work of keeping the poems flowing over
the phone lines by Mr. Giorno. The technology then required tape players 
to bring the poet’s voices to the listener. Today I use a solid memory device
that answers the phone and plays that day’s selection.

An other difference is the cell phone. Pay for Long Distance calling? No.
Along with a phone in almost everyones hand, all one has to do is call the 
Poem by Phone number to matter where they are and enjoy the poems.

I have been collecting poets reading their work for many years. This
is what I draw from to keep a poem a day going out to the listeners. 

I thank you for considering making a note in your publication about
Poem by Phone and posting its number,   585-546-2531.

One way people know about Poem by Phone is because of the
help from publications like yours. Thank You, JustJoe.

Contact: justjoe  Rochester, NY

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