Stolen Valor Vultures Murder Veterans Not Just Reputations Part 2

The FOIA Myth, The Duty Discharge DD 214 Form & Military Service Record Book IS NOT Absolute Proof or Disproof of Service

By Frank W. Dux

Today, we see FRATRICIDE of veterans and their harassment online.

A national disgrace and evil that is attributable to a commonly held mythology — that you can determine if someone is a military phony by obtaining the appropriate government held and controlled military Duty Discharge DD214 form and/or military Service Records Book (“SRB”); and that this can be provided through filing a Freedom OF Information Act (“FOIA”) request.

To spare the innocent let me emphasize AGAIN, THIS IS NOT TRUE!

No one can with absolute certainty make such a determination of military service duties and theaters of operation based on these records, all the time.

Prior to the PC age the St. Louis VA Records Center burnt down and military service record books were lost and, poorly reconstructed.

If you believe in the DD 214/ SRB confirmation myth you also have to assume the military establishment is founded and run by a bunch of imbeciles, in uniform.

It roughly means all an enemy agent would have to do is file FOIA requests to determine exactly who the Tier One Operators are / were, and whereby, by skimming their SRB, possibly link them to others by which to assess military capabilities (based on schooling) and possibly unveil undercover intelligence agents or assets in the theaters they operated alongside, as annotated.

For this reason Federal Law Enforcement prohibits dissemination and sometimes even the notation of secret operations themselves by anyone, without due cause.

It takes a legal motion to be filed with the Federal Court, where an argument must be made and won to access or for that matter be granted just the acknowledgement of the existence of said documentation, in some cases.

A legitimate “need to know” must be justified, first and foremost.

Satisfying personal curiosity IS NOT a legitimate reason.

Aside from the aforementioned national security paradox, the FOIA DD214 and SRB confirmation myth is further undone by a string of less melodramatic reasons, namely, the US military and past Presidential administrations being found guilty in courts of law and in Congressional Hearings of misrepresentation and inadequate record keeping, ergo Iran Contra Gate era fallout.

There exists the manipulation and fraudulence of the SRB paperwork itself that occurred with regard to secret US military test subjects of LSD and the Atomic Bomb experiments in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Such clerical creativity continued with Vietnam Veterans who had served in combat in government denied action areas of Cambodia and Laos.

Several of these veterans are held up to undeserved ridicule and are harassed by Stolen Valor Vultures turning a blind eye to why their SRB records do not reflect their service or injuries sustained in those areas.

In some cases, these SRB’s list wounded veterans as being in psych wards or posted out of country, to maintain plausible deniability.

One combatant, Staff Sergeant, Fred William Zabitosky, 5th Special Forces Group, even received the Medal of Honor where the commendation initially puts him in Vietnam when the military incident he was being decorated for had occurred in the then denied theater of operation, in Laos.

It took Senator Dornan of California to see to it that DD 214 & SRB records were being corrected in order for VA benefits to be made available to Combat Veterans of EL Salvador.

All the while, the Pentagon was actively denying the USA fought battles there, in some cases it still does, today.

The Washington Post, May 6, 1996, reports page 1a:

“Our challenge now will be documentation,” said Lt. Gen. Theodore Stroup, and “Since commanders weren’t authorized to submit all the paperwork for combat awards, some of the paper trace may be lacking but for some, at least, the book on El Salvador can be closed.

“When I told people my father was killed in El Salvador, they said we don’t have troops there,” said Jonathan Pickett, 16.

His father, Lt. Col. David Pickett, commander of an Army helicopter assault unit, was slain by Salvadoran guerrillas and is the only soldier killed in El Salvador to be buried at Arlington.

How many more were denied recognition because of the paperwork?

The aforementioned reasons is why FOIA obtained DD214 and military Service Record Books end up challenged routinely by veterans after reviewing them for themselves.

For the most part, Stolen Valor Vigilantes stubbornly refuse to accept the historically proven reality the US military and government does not always competently or willingly record or tell the truth all the time.

That when it comes to concealing its embarrassing truths or for purposes of national security the military and intelligence apparatus as well as political appointees will, when necessary, go so far as to manufacture entries and create a fraudulent DD214 and/or SRB known as a “Front File” to provide them plausible deniability.

I speak from personal experience that this practice is necessary and real and had left this author vulnerable to Stolen Valor Vultures and misinformation propaganda.

Going in the other direction, there exist those whose SRB records are in actuality a fiction and embellishment of a veteran’s history, qualifications and, areas of combat service.

Case in point, the non-commissioned officers in the 1960’s referred to as the “Khaki Mafia.”  They earned that handle by becoming known for doing unsavory favors for commanding officers.

In exchange, they were able to pump up their own military records for advancement as well as impugn others by altering their victim’s military service record entries. Done as an act of retaliation or intimidation to protect and further their then ongoing criminal enterprise.

Their dealings ended up fictionalized and distorted in the novel about them by Robin Moore and June Collins, published by Crown in 1971, titled, The Khaki Mafia.

Collins testified before a U.S. Senate committee about corruption among senior military personnel.

Stolen Valor Vultures, historically speaking, could care less if they invariably punish the innocent along with the guilty.   Their acts and words betray a mindset where being accused is enough to make you guilty.

The displays of indifference to fairness and the truth is why the Stolen Valor Vulture will predictably keep others operating in ignorance by continuing to propagate and defend the DD214 and SRB confirmation mythology.

Their smug indifference to the truth and operating with extreme bias is made that much more visible through the Stolen Valor Vulture’s unwillingness to challenge the evidence before using it. Or allow the accused to defend their reputations where the accused voice and the contradictory evidence does not end up obfuscated by them.

All the Stolen Valor Vulture seemingly wants is another carcass of a veteran to feed on.

About the author

Frank Dux

Frank William Dux (born 1956) is a martial artist and fight choreographer. Dux established his own school of ninjutsu in 1975, called "Dux Ryu Ninjutsu". An article about his exploits, which appeared in Black Belt in 1980, was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 film Bloodsport starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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  • I love you frank, you where in the marines, good for you. Your mos was a lines man. One who put telephones lines up. You where Never CIA. You told me a lot of bull shit stores. You told me the CIA, came to your high school to enlist you. Again BULLSHIT. I’ve spoken with Don, if you want to air this out once on for all. You have my number. Garry King, Airborne Ranger Co B 1/75 Ranger BN.

    • Garry: I assume you can back up your comments with reliable sources? If so, will you name them? It is always good to know who the REAL enemies are in our country and not taken from MSM who are paid puppets and parrots for the Feds.

  • THANKS FRANK! Your right on target and this needed to be exposed for decades!…and YOU have opened the lock box revealing the ‘politics’ undermining veterans. Continue moving forward with more info on the TRUTH yet to be discovered by the majority of Americans.

  • All this to try to explain away your utter lack of proof to your military claims? You really must be panicking.
    On a related note, today marks one month since I first asked for public clarification for something I am told you say in private. It seems you know of the issue as I detail in this blog. But you seem scared to answer in public. I can imagine why the idea scares you. But until I get an answer, I will have to keep asking in places like this. So, since you can respond directly here in public, it might be a great idea to just give an answer to the question of have you been saying you want to fight me, but I keep ducking or not? If you do want to fight me, how can we make it happen without a lot of silly conditions such as having to pay you a lot of money or having it in Thailand, etc?

    • Just in case the above link is disabled in some way, here is the text of what I posted a month ago today,
      Does Frank Dux want to get into a ring and fight me? I am being told he does, but he has never conveyed that in public or to me in any way. So maybe a conversation here in the open will help clear up the issue.
      Up front, I will say that if Frank Dux really wants to go at it with me, I want to make it happen. I am sure there would be hundreds of people that can help out to make this fight a reality if Dux will say in public that he wants a shot at me.
      You see, a few days ago a friend of Dux by the name of Chris Friedman said in a forum that Dux was saying the he was eager to fight me, but I kept talking my way out of things. This is news to me. I have included the screen shot of the statement above. To put it in context, Friedman was saying that I was not eager to fight anyone and I pointed out I was very willing to step onto the mat and wait for a friend of Friedman’s named Ron Collins to step up and start the fight, only to have Collins turn and flee. It was then that Friedman started to reveal that Frank Dux had told many, many people that he was eager to fight me, but I kept talking my way out of things or putting conditions in the way.
      Well, it is untrue that I have backed out of anything. Frank Dux may be telling people this, but I can’t think of a single challenge from him to get into a ring. If he wants to do just that, I am more than willing to do so.
      Frank Dux has great reason to hate me. I exposed many of his lies. If you look at some of the other blogs on this site, you can see me point out the fraudulent stories he puts out. I can understand his anger at me showing the world that he is a fraud and an incompetent martial artist, but he has never made public any desire to actually do anything about it in a ring.
      But, maybe Friedman is lying. I did not hear this directly from Dux after all. I only have Friedman’s word that he is telling many people this in private. So I call on Frank Dux to give a public statement to lay the matter to rest.
      I am quite willing to make the happen. As I see it, neither of us have an advantage in youth. He has a huge advantage physically. My big advantage is that I have skill and years of actual training under a teacher he doesn’t. His size advantage counts for a lot. Skill can overcome some size advantages, but even I don’t know if it is enough.
      I certainly can believe that Dux would be saying this in private, but be reluctant to say it in public. But only if he makes a public comment will this matter be made clear.
      You see, Dux seems to be terrified of facing someone for real. A few years ago, he was to attend the meeting of the Black Dragon Fighting Society in Chicago. A friend of mine made it known he was going to go challenge Dux. In response, the BDFS made it known that anyone doing so would be arrested. Obviously, Dux doesn’t actually want to have any fights in public.
      If you believe Dux’s story, then there really is no reason not to face me. He has the size advantage as I said, and he claims to have won a secret death match called the Kumite and achieved 56 wins by knock out in a row. He would make short work of me and be able to show that his system is effective and my style was no match.
      But if you assume that all of Dux’s stories are lies, then you can understand why he would fear the idea of getting into a ring with me. It is not just that his stories of training, skill and experience with the CIA and Kumite just don’t exist. More important is that he has built his entire life on this lie. He is over the hill and not able to get even a job as night manager at a Taco Bell if he doesn’t have the reputation as a skilled, experienced fighter to insure a cash flow. All of his friends would lose their respect for him and break ties with him. He could loose that reputation by getting into the ring and losing, or even merely being able to do as well as his stories claim he should be. If he has lied about everything, and his entire career, life and social circle is dependent on that lie, then the worst thing he could do is risk it all by facing me in a public match.
      This is why frauds never get any good. To become skilled, one must be willing to fall down. You do it many, many times as part of the process. You try something, you fall down, you learn why you fell down and correct what you are doing before getting up to try again. But when can people that care all about their image fail and learn from their mistakes? Obviously, they can’t. They avoid any chance that people will see them fail. Champions fail more times in a week than frauds ever do in their entire lives. And when a champ loses, he studies what happens frame by frame on the video to learn from it.
      Dux has never been in a match like this. There is a video of a man from France named Phlippe Cadoret that he posted and seems to take credit for. As I detailed in my blog, he was threatened with a lawsuit if he tried claiming it was him, so he avoids directly saying that it is he, but will never say it isn’t. Go ahead. If you are on Facebook or Youtube and run across him making comments, ask him straight out if it is him and watch him squirm as he tries to ignore you or change the topic.
      Here is my blog on that subject,
      He did have one fight with a guy named Zane Fraizer at a martial arts conference. Dux lost, badly. He tries to give excuses, and they seem to change. I have heard from people that he was ambushed, there were weapons involved and that he was attacked by multiple people. But the people in the room except for Dux all seem to say that it was a fair dust up between two people and Dux got beaten pretty bad.
      That wasn’t on tape, but any fight between us would be on film. Can you imagine how scary that idea would be to a fraud that has lived a lie for decades and has built his entire life on that lie?
      I will say that I believe Friedman that Dux is saying these things about me in private. As a follow up to his comment that Dux wanted to fight me he added, “I don’t know I had a conversation with him in that group. I don’t know how out of his mind he is, but I have studied some psychology and he did seems sincere about fighting Don” I know a guy that left Dux and he knows of many other similar situations where Dux acted very eager to fight someone in private, hoping that it would never get back to the person he was talking about. According to this person, a martial artist by the name of Benny the jet Enriquez actually showed up where Dux was training after stories got back to him of what Dux was saying. Dux, according to the story, had to do a lot of back tracking and lying to get out of the situation without having Enriquez beat him silly in front of Dux’s students.
      But I do not believe that Dux will want to answer one way or another. In private, he may tell people things like I am beneath him, or that he fears a trap or something like that. In public I expect him to try to remain silent as much as possible with no public statements. I really won’t accept private messages for this, or something relayed by another person. In the interest of clarity, I really must insist that Dux tell the entire world one way or the other how he stands on the issue.
      Another thing I have heard from people that used to be Dux’s friends is that he uses proxies for his battles. He tries to get others to go and beat up other people. For example, Ron Collins swears that the trip he made to my seminar was organized by Dux to set up a fight with someone else other than Dux against me, someone who exposes him the most. I would not think this to be any different. While Dux stays silent, I fully expect others to do some of his dirty work. There is a great chance a whole lot of people will try to distract from the situation by challenging me. Right now I will say that I won’t entertain such challenges until I hear from Dux, as I don’t want to get distracted.
      You may expect a whole lot of rumors about me being spread. I am used to it. But I really don’t expect Dux to respond in public if he can, but I will continue to ask in public until I get an equally public answer. I can do this for decades.
      I wouldn’t even be surprised if there is talk about an injury Dux sustained that now prevents him from ever getting in a ring with anyone. Maybe he will start talking about a bad leg injury, or trauma to his head in a car or parachuting accident. We shall see.
      I do want to make this happen if I can. I may need help in setting it up. I do believe that Dux lives in the Hollywood area. If someone in the greater LA area has a gym or school it can happen in, I would appreciate the help. The same goes for a variety of things such as someone to write up the release forms, maybe a place for my family and me to crash at, etc. I am sure there are many, many people that would love to see the two of us beat on each other. Dux seems to be saying in private that he wants to fight me. Well, let us make his wish come true if he really is saying that and he is serious in saying so.
      But we really can’t go forward with anything solid until Frank Dux says in public whether he wants to fight me or not. Until we hear from him directly, where we all can see what he says, nothing really can go forward. So if you are a friend of Dux and believes his story and that he would beat me in the ring, it is in your best interest to pressure Dux into giving an answer for the world to see.

      • Frank Dux is a fraud, his trophy from the famous kumite was bought a couple of miles from his home. Once a liar always a liar.And really if he was that good don’t you think he would be up there with Bruce, Chuck, Chan etc

      • Don you sound like a stalker ! Mr. Dux is well beyond fighting age. You need now to grow up. I don’t know you. But I do know frank wife he was about 20 years old. He has been a vacation guest at my home and he has lived with me. He is recently marred to a beauty that only a movie star could call his wife. You Sir are tragic. Move on ! Get a life. You back in the 1980’s. Still. That’s about the last time Frank was living anywhere near Hollywood. My gosh. I am an acoplished Former high ranking Government political Offical. And I have worked hunting Terrorists for the US State Department projects
        I know Frank Dux. He is Jewish. But I call him the “Bishop “. BECUSE of his pious values. On matters of national security, Some time when you go public you get discredited. That’s life Frank deals with that each day. Who is behind your constant effect to put down a man who thousands in the “fight world “. Love. Can you sell your signature ? How many Chile’s cancer patients have you visited. The ones who Frank visited are dead now so they can’t see the hate in your message about him. I was looking up something on Frank today related to just another wonderful thing Frank is doing when I see this sad posting. Sir I will hope you can move on. Frank lives in Paradise not in a Hollywood shit hole.
        I will pay you wil heal your heart. Take care always. Marcus

        • Excuse the spelling. I was in the back of a car in the Philippines writing fast

        • Too bad Frank himself doesn’t dare deal with this request for clarification and instead hides behind his stooges.

  • Frank-
    Shalom. I enjoy reading Your article’s.

    All True and “Truth Always Prevails”.

    Looking at being Mayor of Ocean City Maryland in November.

    We can revisit the initiatives that We discussed a few years back.

    Hope You and the Family are Well.
    Joe the JEW

  • I read the entire article but there was nothing about murdering veterans as the title suggests.

  • *** WARNING *** Individuals wishing to comment on this article should be aware that the author, Frank Dux, has teamed up with Dallas Wittgenfeld to gather emails and internet addresses for the purpose of trying to shame anybody that posts anything percieved as negative. You risk being placed on a website run by Dallas Wittgenfeld that will accuse you of such things as child sexual molestation, deviant sexual acts such as eating feces, having sex with animals, fictionalized felonies, etc. This is in additon to having your home address and phone number posted in order to encourage harrasment. Post at your own risk. They apparently only accept positve praise to the article and you risk harrasment and defamation by offering a view counter to the article’s premise. *** WARNING ***

  • You are so full of BS. Keep trying to cover your lies. There are mission kept secret but there are no secret warriors. Anyone wanting to test that, submit a FOIA request for Richard Marcinko (SEAL and founder of SEAL Team SIX) or Col Charles Beckwith (Green Beret and founder of Delta Force). You certainly never served in such units nor conducted the operations you falsey claim. Every such unit has detailed records of everyone that ever attended training, graduated the training, and was a member of their organizations. None of which you ever were. There are no secret awards of the Medal of Honor, NONE. You are a liar and a fraud who continues to do so.

  • Thank You Frank W. Dux for this “Stolen Valor Vultures PART 2”.

    It is common knowledge in the Vietnam War era that the typing clerk minions R.E.M.F.s were 50% inaccurate on their typing skills (no spell corrections) back then 1960-70s but life went on, nobody cared. Now fast forward to today and the computer-information age, you have the very same “geeks” sifting through records, trolling to pin something on somebody somewhere. They are not looking to help anybody. They are looking to get a name for outing people with no respect to their own accuracies. Shame on the Stolen Valor Vigilantes hanging their comrades who went before them.

    Now the very same “”Computer Geeks” mentality under the direction of the military kook bloggers like the widow Mary Pauling Schantag, Joseph K. Oliver, John V. Lilyea, Terence B. Hoye, Donald W. Shipley Jr. and so many more cyber trolls who never mention their hero, Kris Kyle and his stolen valor exposed by the U.S. Navy. REAL STOLEN VALOR.

    One has to just read the REAL STORY here written by NOT stolen valor vultures authors Matthew Cole matthew.cole@?theintercept.com and
    Sheelagh McNeill sheelagh.mcneill@?theintercept.com.



    QUOTE: “After thoroughly reviewing all available records, the Navy determined an error was made in the
    issuance of Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle’s form DD214 (report of separation from military service), wrote Lt. Jackie Pau, a Navy spokesperson. Specifically, the DD214 did not accurately reflect the decorations and awards to which Kyle was officially entitled.
    After notifying his family of the error, the Navy issued a corrected copy of the DD214, which accurately reflects Kyle’s years of honorable and extraordinary service.” UNQUOTE

    Lt. Pau said, “The discrepancy was the result of an error on the part of Navy officials sifting through incomplete paperwork relating to Kyle’s award citations and certificates, and the new DD214 reflects every award or commendation Kyle received during his military service.
    Normally, the personnel clerk handling a sailor’s separation is required to ensure that the awards match the service member’s official personnel file.”

    The Navy has not explained how the errors occurred in Kyle’s original DD214.

    America’s current duty military stolen valor vultures need to get a life and leave the military Veterans who led the way before them alone. By the way it is against the Federal Law for the current duty military to reach-out and execute missions onto civilians in any situation. NOT ALLOWED without real orders from the Pentagon. NOT one valor vulture has those orders from the Pentagon. If they do, please enlighten me, now.


    Meanwhile, Frank W. Dux, keep shining the light on America’s deep-state “band of bastards” stolen valor vigilantism for their fun and profit. Please publish a PART 3.

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