Vice article makes argument that women in DOS did not give consent

Sarah Berman has another interesting article in on NXIVM

A BDSM Educator Tells Us Why NXIVM Sex Cult Allegations Aren’t Consensual Kink 

Based on what we know from court docs and former members, Keith Raniere’s women “slaves” probably weren’t in a position to give full consent” reads the sub headline.

What is a BDSM educator? It is “kink educator Carlyle Jansen from Good for Her in Toronto” who talks about “what informed BDSM consent looks like and how the allegations against Raniere stack up.”

The story in Vice says, “Like any relationship, the key to a healthy dom/sub relationship is communication. ‘If you’re playing with something more edgy, communication has to be much stronger and clearer,’ Jansen told VICE.”

“From what we’ve learned about NXIVM ‘slaves’ so far, lines of communication were not particularly open. According to court documents and former insiders VICE spoke to, members of the sorority were sworn to secrecy and strongly discouraged from asking questions. To learn about the group, women were required to submit damaging information about themselves, and naked photos were kept as proof of their vow to secrecy.

“Key information about Raniere’s involvement, including his access to nudes and videos submitted as ‘collateral,’ was hidden from women initiated into the group. Before the initiation, women VICE spoke to learned that they would receive a small ‘tattoo.’ As the branding ceremony was about to begin, the women were shown a mirror image of the symbol that obscured the initials KR and AM. The full meaning of this symbol—a tribute to Keith Raniere and Allison Mack—was not explained….”

Read the entire story here .…  it makes an argument that the fulsome consent Raniere, Clare Bronfman and others claim was part of DOS was in reality entirely missing.


Consent seemed to be missing- when women were told they were getting a tattoo – and wound up being branded – and after they gave blackmail worthy material to those in charge of the branding.


A lecherous middle age man named Vanguard kept it a secret from the women that he was running the DOS show behind the scenes. He could not tell this to all the women, because then some of the ones he wanted to have sex with might not want to be members of DOS and branded with his initials.

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  • Everyone of these young women should receive time served , especially dos women, whose careers , reputations and financial lifes ( not to mention extreme duress and emotional abuse) has been severly damaged and they were charged exhorberant fees for the demise of their work., which initially was meant for good or so it was portrayed. The older lifer women should be ashamed of themselves to take advantage of talent and hard work done in what they believed was service. In addition, the big money seized should be put to helping them get their lives back and receiving free DE programming.When these tools are used for legitimate counsel they can be helpful but when the users are users they give the legitimate help a bad name. I pray the top tier PAYS, not the victims, for them I say VIVA the Survivors and may the judge have eyes to see right through to the top 4 perpetrators!!! I am sure most had no idea what was going on just trusting what they thought was older and wiser. Incredibly hard lesson for loving people to learn.

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