Allison Mack’s voice removed from Amazon’s Lost in Oz

Here’s an interesting email I received today:

“I’m a voice actor here in LA, and I just was browsing IMDb, and noticed on the page for Amazon’s “Lost In Oz,” that Allison Mack is no longer listed in the cast, and it looks like her lines may have been replaced…  Thought that might be an important update.


In previous media reports, Allison Mack was clearly listed as the voice of Evelyn Gale in Lost in Oz.

Now on IMBD the voice of Evelyn Gale is listed as being played by Grey Griffin.

Does anyone more familiar with the business know what happened?

At first blush it seems like another fine example of Keith Raniere’s teachings working out so well: Viva Executive Success!


Artist sketch of Raniere and Mack in court. She went from Lost in Oz to just plain lost.
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