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Cost for Raniere for bail and security and risk of releasing him from jail — he might escape!

Keith Raniere’s lawyers made a motion for him to be released on $10 million bail and home arrest with two guards round the clock.

if Bronfman makes his bail – it will cost her about $600,000 in cash for the bail bond – the cost for a $10 million bail bond in NYC. She can also just put up the $10 million in cash.

I have to believe the feds will make some arrests pretty soon – in answer to this nonsense.  The prosecution has until Friday June 8 to respond to the bail motion. {maybe we will just see some arrests.]

In the motion, there are some pretty wild, extravagant and dishonest claims.

Personally I think there is a reasonable chance Raniere might try to escape if the motion is granted. He will have his slaves galvanized – remember they actually chased the police car in Mexico to try to free him.

Indeed Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis will go down in history if Raniere escapes.

Raniere’s top lieutenants – Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt – both have elite teams of military operatives. Both men have around the clock security – six at a time – [Raniere is only to be guarded by two men.]

If he should escape, it will be quite a stir and a worldwide media sensation.

if the judge turns down his request, his attorneys can appeal it to the US Second Circuit [cost to appeal about $100,000. if that is turned down they can appeal to the US Supreme Court – $250,000]. Isn’t it nice to see Raniere/Bronfman spending money on lawyers to defend themselves instead of trying to destroy others.


How Much was that Motion?

As far as the bail motion is concerned, I estimate it cost Bronfman/Raniere about $100,000 – $200,000 for the five lawyers to put it together- with research and  interviews with the Security Firm etc.  [Indeed everybody is getting fat off this but Clare Bronfman who is as skinny as ever.]

If the bail is approved, Raniere [or Clare Bronfman] would retain TorchStone, an elite security company, to provide:

A house/mansion for Raniere to live in in NYC – with 24-hour armed guards [two guards per shift] to see to it that Raniere does not escape. Plus a supervisor to oversee and schedule the security detail.

As for costs – at two guards at $100 per hour – that’s $4,800 per day – plus overlap – about $150,000 per month. Plus a supervisor – plus cost of the home Raniere will live in -it won’t be a shack. Plus his security limo when he travels. The $200,000 per month cost is a probable minimum.

If the company bills at $200 per hour per man – it will cost $300,000 in guards per month – plus additional costs.

Not bad for a man who according to  a New York Times article by Vanessa Grigoriadis, who quotes Raniere as saying, ““I don’t pay taxes because I live under the poverty level.”


My guess is Raniere does not get bail. but who knows?

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