Jailed sex Cult leader claims security for his private mansion-prison will only cost $40,000 — he’s lying and here’s why!

Keith Raniere’s lawyers claim the cost for his proposed security that would allow him to leave the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and reside in a private home detention with guards would be $40,000 per month.

This proposal includes two guards round the clock and a supervisor to schedule them – plus a private secured car with a driver to take him to court, medical, and etc.  This also include the house/mansion in which he is to be guarded and which will be located somewhere in the NYC area.

With two guards, 24/7, it means a minimum 1,440 hours of guarding Raniere, per 30 day month.

If the $40,000 figure Raniere’s lawyers are throwing out is just for the guards – and does not count the supervisor, or overlaps [guards don’t just immediately leave the minute the new guy shows up], or any rental or utilities costs for the house he is to be guarded in – the guards would have to be billed at less than $28 per hour.

If TorchStone, the private security company identified as providing the guards, is to make a profit – they would have to be paying the guards net something like $14 per hour – near minimum wage.

What kind of guards are these anyway?  Will they be able to fend off a DOS slave attack of bad ass warrior bitches? Remember the Alamo?

The government argues that the $40,000 a month is low. “[Detention supervised by a full time private security company in other cases has been estimated to cost as much as $144,000 a month.”]

I estimate it will be higher.  Here is my monthly estimates:

Rent of a mansion in New York City: $40,000

Utilities: $1,000

Food: $1,000 [Raniere has special taste although he does like pizza with hot sauce, macaroni and cheese and other reasonably inexpensive fare.]

Various luxuries: $2,000.

Guards: Billable hours @$100 per hour: 1500 hours: $150,000

Security vehicle: $1,000.

Supervisor: $2,000.

Reports and supervision of Mark Sullivan: $20,000 per month.

Total: $217,000.


What does the future hold for Keith Alan Raniere. Will it be this —
Or will Keith live in a place like this – guarded 24 hours per day by two private security guards to make sure he does not escape?

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