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Multiple Sources: FBI probe expanding – more charges, indictments coming – Bronfman desperate, trying to buy her way out

By Frank Parlato
Sources with knowledge about the Department of Justice [Eastern District of New York] investigation into NXIVM [AKA Bronfman-Raniere crime organization] have told Frank Reportthat the criminal investigation is “expanding”, is “comprehensive”, that “great resources and personnel” are involved and that sex trafficking charges are only the tip of the iceberg.
Clare Bronfman’s  private prison proposal for Keith Raniere, [via his attorneys] may be a precursor for what she [through her attorneys] may soon propose for herself.
Yes, Clare Bronfman is in the hot seat. It may be coming as quite a surprise to her. All her adult life she has been buying off the legal system to punish innocent people and escape from the consequences of her actions. To think her money cannot buy her out of an arrest or an indictment must be shaking her confidence – despite her striking stupidity.
Meantime, Raniere sits in jail, given orders 24 hours per day, caged-up like some woman who had an ethical breach, being told what to eat, instead of telling others what not to eat. Sleep when he’s told. Get up when he’s told. Go where he’s told.  And handcuffed and shackled to and from court.
I would guess he will say anything to get out of prison.  Once out, he will do anything – and Clare will pay anything – to stay out. That means, at the end of the day, if the case looks like he’s doomed, he would attempt an escape from his proposed private-mansion prison with two guards who Clare will pay – if the judge is persuaded somehow to allow him to reside there [on bail] instead of prison while he awaits trial.
Which raises the question – what if Clare Bronfman can’t pay for his private prison? What if she is charged and some or all of her US assets frozen?
Consider also, others will likely be charged. Possibly Clare’s sister, Sara Bronfman-Igtet.  It may come today, tomorrow, in a few weeks, or in a few months but it is coming.  Raniere’s attorneys already know others will be charged. They said so in their bail motion when they wrote, “the federal Government apparently does not approve of the way hundreds of women are searching for happiness, fulfillment and meaning in their lives and is now seeking to incarcerate a number of them as well as Raniere, whose ideas inspired this group.”
A Keith Raniere can be indicted. An Allison Mack can be indicted. But can a Bronfman?


Yes, the government is seeking to “incarcerate a number” of women – not for seeking happiness but for destroying other’s happiness.  It is not true that ‘he [or she] who has the most joy wins.’  Joy is fleeting, ask Raniere.
In addition to more arrests, there are more victims being uncovered by this massive investigation. I know this from direct knowledge: They are not all sex-trafficking related.
As for Clare Bronfman – the most serious question is whether she will be able to buy off her indictment.  I believe she does not think a Bronfman should be subject to the same rules, norms or conditions of common people.
Yet, but for her, this criminal cult could never have accomplished its stupendous criminal achievements. She funded one of the longest running tax evasion, bribery,  forced labor, sex trafficking, child sex rape, money laundering, smuggling, financial defrauding, coercion, blackmailing, extortion, identity theft, forgery, influence peddling, pyramid and racketeering schemes – under the guise of a self-help group with a noble mission – ever undertaken.  She did more than fund it. She was Vice President in charge of operations.  She worked and financed the criminal goals of Raniere as his true partner.
Will she be indicted? Is she in the USA? Is her attorney in contact with the US Attorney?  There is good reason she retained top criminal defense lawyer Dennis Burke. He seems to have taken the fall for the DOJ – when he resigned as US Attorney for Arizona to – I believe –  protect the coverup of the scandalous black ops Fast and Furious criminal enterprise conducted by federal agents and officials of the US government.
After resigning, he went into private practice. Burke carries a special cache. There are those in government who, I believe, owe him.  After resigning for getting caught lying – [tip of the iceberg] as a US Attorney at the DOJ, he was appointed as a top advisory board member for the same DOJ. This kind of appointment pays nothing directly but is a prop to give confidence to high-wealth clients who are considering retaining him. I am guessing that at certain levels of the DOJ, the FBI, the ATF, the CIA and other agencies in the intelligence community, there are those who feel they owe Burke a debt of gratitude for helping to stop further scrutiny for the murders, gun running, drug dealing, money raising and laundering of Fast and Furious by becoming a large distraction by his very public resignation.
Attorney Dennis Burke is the highest ranking government official to take the fall for the criminal Fast and Furious op. It remains to be seen if his influence can ensure that Allison Mack [and not his client, Clare Bronfman] can be the highest ranking NXIVM member to take the fall for the Bronfman-Raniere crime organization.
Whether Burke can parlay that gratitude into a once in a lifetime payday and a no bill against Bronfman is hard to say.  It is not entirely up to the EDNY. Main Justice [DOJ in Washington  DC] and Main Office IRS will have to sign off on a Bronfman indictment. That may occur or maybe it will not. Yet, because the crimes are so rampant and notorious and because Bronfman is so clearly in the middle –  for this case to go on its present trajectory – and not stop at comparatively smaller sex trafficking of several women – an indictment must include Bronfman.
Recent events suggest that a growing number of Americans believe that corruption is rampant at Main Justice DOJ and the main FBI – and that these agencies may not be the paragons of virtue they consistently profess to be.
If Bronfman walks while lesser criminals are indicted, we will have a pretty good indication of how that happened. And it isn’t justice that will save her, but money, and influence, to be sure.
Can a Bronfman be indicted? That is the question.
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