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Raniere new reply shows startling contradiction regarding ‘significant other’ Pam Cafritz

By Frank Parlato

The latest filing by the Raniere defense team is a three page document of lies and damn lies.  The defense’s language below is in plain text and my responses follow

Raniere lawyers: To highlight the stated strength of their case, the Government cherry-picked communications between Raniere and someone very close to him.

Artvoice: The defense is referring to the The fuck-toy slave texts.

Raniere Lawyers: These are (i) out of context and (ii) relate specifically to the long-term relationship between Raniere and this person at that particular time.

Artvoice: That’s an oxymoron. The defense speaks of a ‘long term relationship at this particular [moment in] time.” How long term are we talking about?  More significantly, the texts were sent during October 2015. His so-called ‘significant other’, Pam Cafritz, was still alive. Raniere’s defense, in their original bail motion, page 13, wrote: “Raniere stayed in Albany until November 10, 2017, to be at his former partner’s home [Cafritz] on November 7, 2017, the one year anniversary of her passing.” This means she died on Nov, 7, 2016. So, while his former partner was suffering from cancer, he was texting his newest “long term relationship”.  This suggests he was not mourning his ‘significant other’ as much as the Raniere lawyers would like us to believe.  One year before Cafritz’s death, he is making plans with this new ‘long term relationship at the time” for her to be number one and stand naked with Allison Mack and five other naked women.

Raniere Lawyers: As will be shown at trial, these communications are not evidence of sex trafficking or any other crime. Additionally, these communications do not negate representations in Raniere’s Bail Motion that Government faces weaknesses in their evidence. Indeed, the Government’s discovery supports Raniere’s claim that DOS is a group by and for women, dedicated to female empowerment.

Frank: The text exchanges between Raniere and the women he is asking to stand naked with other slaves – and get branded with his monogram – show this is not a woman’s group, but Raniere’s sex-slave and fuck-toy club.

Here are the texts again – just for readers to see how totally untrue the Raniere defense team’s arguments are:

Oct. 1

RANIERE: I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me…
[DOS Slave]: huh?
[DOS Slave]: not disagreeing, just don’t understand
RANIERE: But your [sic] my wife…she isn’t…just a tool for you to use for me…
[DOS Slave]: a person?
RANIERE: Get a slave… you’re her master…

October 9, 2015,

RANIERE: Without going into detail. It caused there to be other slaves, all who want to be branded with my monogram plus a number [on the brand] … your number is reserved… it is number 1.  It is now a secret growing organization. I don’t know well some of the people involved but I command them ultimately. They are not who you might think. . . I think there are 10 or more in the current Jness 2 track…and others outside of it.

[DOS Slave]: Does that mean that they know about each other?

* * *
[DOS Slave]: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual

RANIERE: They may or may not be. They would be if I commanded but that is not the reason for the organization

* * *
RANIERE: It is an absolutely trusted commitment…
[DOS Slave]: I want to be the one that worships your body
RANIERE:  Many will not even know of my existence…some don’t already….

October 10, 2015:

RANIERE: Find a life slave and I’ll tell you everything…
[DOS Slave]: What do you mean by life slave?
RANIERE:  Someone who has a collateralized vow with you for life…

October 11, 2015

RANIERE: I feel badly each time you have to work hard for me to [orgasm]… I thought slaves could remove the burden…and I could get you fresh and not worn

RANIERE: What are your thoughts feelings?
RANIERE: All of them have slaves in process… some have several completed…
[DOS Slave]: I feel insecure but at the same time I feel proud of you. You are worthy of following like that
RANIERE:  So are you… you’re number one…
[DOS Slave]: I would be proud to stand next to you
RANIERE: Even naked with 6 other committed naked women?

October 16, 2015:

[DOS Slave]: Are these slaves for you or for us?
RANIERE: There are two types. Both types are for us. One type is in the program: you are their Master I am their Grand Master . . . the other type are very select ones you use to heal us: likely being also of the first type…
[DOS Slave]: Ok. I’m asking because these persons will be in our life forever…. But I was not involved in the process of choosing who
[DOS Slave]: I’m afraid that I will not be comfortable with the others
RANIERE: You choose your slaves…
[DOS Slave]: What about the 7.
[DOS Slave]: ?
[DOS Slave]: Allison [Mack] said these 7 were forever. She and the others will be forever in my life…
RANIERE: They are first line to me but if any suit the purpose I obviously have access…

* * *
RANIERE: [H]aving one or two young slaves devoted to revving my body sexual to produce more energy would help. It would be there [sic] 24/7 job…

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