Further details on the court hearing. Bad Day For raniere

The complete array of lawyers for Allison Mack and Keith Raniere were present. So was Mark Sullivan who is to head the Torch Stone security team. He was to be disappointed.
The prosecutors were in a general sense the body type and shape that would appeal to Raniere.

Penza was wearing heels that were about 5 inches tall.

Marc said he reads the Frank Report.

Allison wore a white blouse.

Mack and Raniere never looked at each other. Sat about 10

Feet apart.

The lawyers for Mack and Raniere were quite honestly looking quite happy and were genial with each other.

Waiting for Raniere to come in there were times you could hear a pin drop.

There were 7 lawyers.

Raniere came in a spilt pea vomit colored jumpsuit

Keith has clean hair generally clean shaven but with stubble

The government said the superseding indictment was coming in about 4 to 6 weeks more and that there would be both additional charges for Raniere and Mack and also additional defendants. Later we were to learn that Clare Bronfman was likely to be one of these defendants.

Penza frankly admitted that Bronfman was a co conspirator of Raniere and committed criminal acts.

There were people in the courtroom that were quite pleased at this revelation

Among other revelations is that Penza estimated that the trial would be an estimated three months.

The superseding indictment is expected in August.

This raised a question of whether the other people who are charged will be tried with Raniere or separately.

The judge said he would not conduct a trial in December. And asked the government to move with “alacrity. So we can figure out when we can try the case. “

A new hearing is set for July 25.

Both Mack and Raniere were asked to exclude the speedy trial provision. Mack overruled Raniere and the detainee is now required to extend the speedy trial.

Which makes one wonder how the slave Mack can overrule her master.

It may have been a condition of her release that she exclude speedy trial.

Raniere looked quite small and cowed. He has no impress of Vanguard.

Next came the Oral argument on bail.

The judge was skeptical from

The onset.

It was noted that the guards hired to watch Raniere could not use deadly force against him.

He can consent to force but not deadly force.

Raniere’s lawyer argued that the court should release him based on trust rather than force Marc Agniflio spoke of “integrity and trust. “ in considering to realize Raniere

The defense also revealed that they were being paid and the guards -should Raniere be released – would be paid through an irrevocable trust.

The judge expressed concern that he did not know who was paying for this trust.

“There is no moral suasion “ on Raniere because it is not his money and the person putting up the bail ($10 million ) is unknown.

Raniere “has nothing to lose. It’s not his money. “

“There is nothing to keep the defendant in tow.”

The judge raised a series of issues including how his not putting up bail does not guarantee he won’t fly on a private plane to a foreign land. “And he gets off the plane and he’s gone. “

The only one who is out is the bond company.

Raniere way listened slumped over and had no expression as he realized this was going against him.

He look vaporous and weak and rather small and feeble.

Raniere’s lawyers argued that it would be easier to consult with Raniere during his prep. And “it’s a triable case “.

The judge pointed out that while Raniere claimed in his bail request that he went to Mexico to be with his baby mama and his baby but when he was caught he was 500 miles away in Puerto Vallarta with a number of other (Dos slaves ).

Raniere lawyer said that the reason Keith went to Mexico was that he was afraid of the NXIVM enemies not law enforcement.

Moira in arguing against the release of Raniere said that people were terrified of him.

The judge was concerned about where the money was coming from.

The judge spoke again about a private jet. He spoke about the court sanctioning a private prison for the rich.

“With all the accoutrements of a mansion “

“. People with money can set up a private jail”

Shortly after Bronfman was revealed as the final ode of Raniere.

Penza said Clare was equally willing to go off ten grid as Raniere. And to do his bidding.

Penza said Bronfman was a co conspirator involved in criminal acts

He denied the bail package but gave leave for the defense to shore it up with more transparency.

Court was adjourned All rose including Raniere the judge left. And a moment later Raniere slunk out the door.

More to follow.

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