Barbara Bouchey comments on Facebook on NXIVM’s announcement of suspension of classes

Since Barbara Bouchey was one of, [if not the most important] major players in bringing about the ultimate days of reckoning for Keith Raniere, this Facebook post of hers, dated June 12 – the day Raniere was denied bail -is of tremendous significance.
She both built NXIVM and tore it down, which is a unique and sterling achievement.  In a sense, she is NXIVM’s Coriolanus.

From her Facebook:

Barbara Bouchey

June 12 at 3:34pm

NXIVM announced it is suspending all operations until further notice.
[Editor’s note: One can only imagine the gold that is in those 17 boxes! Federal prosecutors, please take note].

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  • On the one hand, it seems like a victory that Nxivm has officially gone “on sabbatical.” But will this be permanent? And is it possible that there’s some sort of protective coloration going on?

    Cults have been able to survive the sudden and unexpected death, disappearance, arrest, or whatever of the cult founder before. Scientology didn’t hit its high watermark for membership and cash grabbed until several years after the death of founder L. Ron Hubbard, who was in hiding for 5 years before his demise. And they still have lots of money. Werner Erhard, founder of EST (a 1970s self-help group that presumably Raniere was aware of) had some personal controversies in the early 1980s, and renamed the company, revamped its product offerings, and sold out his ownership interest to employees. In its current Landmark Education incarnation, it makes more money than it did as EST, and accusations of its cult status are far less common. There are other examples.

    So why does Nxivm close down almost immediately after Raniere gets busted? Is it that they’re too small to try to make a go of it without “Vanguard”? One would think that with all those coaches always trying to hustle people to take more courses they’d be able to keep generating revenue from existing members and wouldn’t need Raniere around. Or were people not really all that excited about the courses anyway, focused merely on winning praises from Raniere?

    Also, with Salzman attempting to raise cash by selling monthly “consulting” contracts (2 hours a week for $10,000 a month), it sounds like people are already using the Nxivm “technology” under their own aegis. Does that mean that people are going to try to steal the ideas (non-disclosures be damned) and do their own version of Nxivm, each trying to grab as much of the customer base as they can steal?

    If the above is true, could the shutdown be just a ruse and we’ll see various unindicted Nxians try to start a new version as part of an official plan hatched by Vanguard all along?

  • I am happy for you, and everyone who is safer because of these events unfolding.

  • I feel a lot of negative currents and I’ll be the 1st to admit, all I know is what i have learned here mostly. But regardless of the past, I believe years of litigation are punishment enough. If Keith had not been stopped, what would he have done next? When branding got boring, young girls got wiser and I have a feeling he has already done worse , where do all the missing girls in Mexico end up, here too. Women rarely commit suicide by gunshot or disappearing completely, pregnant etc. The Alaska police were very negligent there. Again, these are just my opinions, from Frank and all who fought back you’ve saved a future generation from these zombies

    • Snuff films is my guess for what would be next.

      An ethical snuff film production company.

  • Oh, Barb. As much as we all now share a mutual disdain for KR, your disdain seems to still be a result of being in the age old Rejected Lover category of PO’d beetches.

    Yes, your turncoat’ing has done good. BUT, can you truly be forgiven for what you did while one of the key demons?

    A request to Frank: how about using a photo of BB taken sometime in the last ten years next time?

      • He’s always like that. Better to not give him the attention he wants.

  • After leaving Barbara broke with his idiotic gambeling and manipulation, Keith Raniere used Bronfman money to try and further destroy her with 14 suits that finally got dissmised. That means to wrongly use the legal system to bury someone simply because you don’t care about the money. In a TV interview Barbara said:”There should be a law against this”, an this is so true and so vey important!! May the case against Raniere bring about awarness in Congress against this appalling practice and illegalize it!!

  • You not only did an amazing feat, that would have unraveled most, but since the capture of KR and all that’s followed, you look beautiful and healthy and happy . Nxivms, you can get your life’s back, well some of you can!

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