NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere, denied bail, placed in Sex Offender Unit @ South Wing 68 in MDC’s West Tower

Each man’s life represents a road toward himself – Herman Hesse

Keith Alan Raniere – formerly known as The Vanguard and now known as Federal Prisoner 57005-177 – has finally arrived home. It has been a long hard journey, both for him and all the people that, along with the assistance of his numerous sycophants, he crushed along the way.

Indeed, the road to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), where Raniere is currently incarcerated while he awaits trial, is strewn with the bodies of those that he and his criminal gang have tortured with costly legal battles and false criminal charges.

Like Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, Rick Ross, Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Yuri and Natasha Plyam, Frank Parlato, Kristin Keeffe, and numerous others.

But now, Raniere is home. Home with people like himself, people who understand his wants and needs – and who are not judgmental about his various perversions.

Yep…Raniere is now being housed in South Wing 68 in MDC’s West Tower – which is where the prison segregates what it deems to be sexual offenders and deviants from the rest of the inmates.

How nice it must be for Raniere to no longer have to explain to those charged with more normal crimes what led to him being incarcerated. His day-to-day companions all understand what it means to be a sexual predator and exploiter. No need for a detailed explanation to them. They get it.

Rapists, pedophiles, child molesters, etc. – they’re all Raniere’s brethren now.

And no crime is too hideous to make one an outcast in Raniere’s new home-away-from-home. Sexual assault – not a problem!

Bestiality – OK! Female genital mutilation – that’s cool. Incest – sure as long as it was your mother or daughter.

So, given that he’s now among people that truly understand him – and may even pay homage to him since he’s the only one there who actually got to brand women’s pubic areas with his initials – why is he so forlorn?

Why does he spend so much time pacing about with a vacant look in his eyes?

Why does he isolate himself from his fellow sexual deviants?

Is he afraid that he may become someone’s fuck toy?

Does he consider the other sexual deviants to be below his standards (What’s a few rapes as compared to hundreds of brandings?).

Doesn’t he see the chance to expand his repertoire here?

Or does he just miss his daily pizza and hot sauce? (More on his “food problems” in a later post)

Well, whatever’s going on right now, Raniere can look forward to being incarcerated for the rest of his life in a federal prison that offers special treatment programs for sex offenders. And some of them are in pretty decent locations (See description and map here).

“He who has the most joy, wins,” sayeth Keith Raniere and it was just the other day, when Raniere was looking forward to his own private prison.
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